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Change Your Password Day

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Where is Change Your Password Day celebrated?

Change Your Password Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is Change Your Password Day celebrated by?

Internet providers, online security developers, software developers, and ethical hackers raise awareness about Change Your Password Day.

When did Change Your Password Day first start?

Change Your Password Day was initiated on February 1, 2012.

Who started Change Your Password Day?

Change Your Password Day was started by Matt Buchanan, a writer at Gizmodo, a science and technology website.

February 1 is a special day to change your password and secure your data.

History And Timeline

With your entire information online, it is vital to protect data from lurking cyber criminals. Choosing one password as a login to all accounts may seem easy, but will make you much more susceptible to a hack. Change Your Password Day is an initiative to raise awareness about online privacy and security among users.


The Anti-Virus

The anti-virus industry saw a boom in the '90s. Much iconic malware detecting software was launched during the '90s.



The United States government established National Cyber Security Division as a special task force for cybersecurity.


Perfect Passwords

Matt Burnet published a book called 'Perfect Passwords'. This book delved deep into the world of passwords and taught readers to come up with robust new passwords to prevent getting compromised.


Change Your Password Day

Gizmodo writer, Matt Buchanan, started Change Your Password Day on February 1.


World Password Day

Intel created World Password Day to raise awareness about online privacy and security. A unique login password for each account will prevent multiple account breaches in case one account password is compromised.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions and customs linked to Change Your Password Day. You can create new passwords for all your accounts on the same day. This will keep hackers from stealing data from sites.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Change Your Password Day

The most important thing to do on this day is to change your passwords on all websites, applications, and browsers. There are steps you can take to step up your online security. First, install anti-malware software which will detect any breaches on your websites. Create strong unique passwords for all accounts and get a password manager to manage your passwords. Password managers save your password making it easy to log in safely. Utilize all processes and tools available to secure your online presence. For example, your email account will be alerted if it is opened from an unknown computer or phone. This ensures that the user is aware of where their account is being used.

Facts And Stats

  • The first Change Your Password Day was in 2012. You can observe this day by changing your password to avoid any online fraud.
  • This day is set aside to raise awareness regarding cyber security and the safety of your documents on your computer.
  • Matt Buchanan came up with this day to encourage people to keep changing their passwords every year to make it difficult for hackers to access the phone and computer of every individual.

FAQs About Change Your Password Day

Who originally directed Change Your Password Day?

Change Your Password Day was directed by Gizmodo. The goal was to highlight the risk of having a master password or root passwords as they can give hackers access to your entire online data.

What is the importance of Change Your Password Day?

Change Your Password Day is important as it reminds us to not just use one password for all our devices, websites, applications, and browsers. Not only do we have to have unique passwords, but also keep changing these passwords on a regular basis. You can use the help of a password manager to keep track of all your passwords. 

Why there is a lot of buzz about Change Your Password Day?

Change Your Password Day is an exciting day for tech enthusiasts to discuss issues related to cybersecurity. Software developers and internet companies take this opportunity to alert their users to good and safe online practices. In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), every aspect of our lives is being controlled by some application or website. It is important to complete all privacy guideline protocols and generate a strong password to prevent a security breach. 

How does Change Your Password Day help in R&D?

Change Your Password Day helps in the research and development of password managers. Users are constantly on the lookout for tools to generate excellent passwords that have a low risk of being stolen. This pushes software developers to develop stronger password managers that can securely keep track of the user's passwords and help them generate new ones as needed. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 31, 2020 Friday
January 31, 2021 Sunday
January 31, 2022 Monday
January 31, 2023 Tuesday
January 31, 2024 Wednesday

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