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Commonwealth Day Canada

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Where is Commonwealth Day Canada celebrated?

Commonwealth Day Canada is celebrated by the countries who are the member countries of the Commonwealth, mostly former territories of Great Britain.

Who is Commonwealth Day Canada celebrated by?

Commonwealth Day Canada is celebrated by the people of the member nations of the Commonwealth.

When did Commonwealth Day Canada first start?

The first time ever when Commonwealth Day Canada was celebrated was in the year 1930, around 11 countries took part in the celebration of the first Commonwealth.

Who started Commonwealth day?

Clementia Trenholme started Commonwealth Day; the main focus of this was to remind children of the empire how much of a role they played in building the British Empire.

Commonwealth Day celebrations are observed by the British Prime Minister at Westminster Abbey with the local community.

History And Timeline

Going back to the history of this day, in the year around 1931, all the former colonies of the British that belonged to South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia came together and decided that they would join Britain in order to create a Commonwealth of Nations. The Canadian proposal for the making of the same led to its foundation, which was created to preserve the human rights of the people living in the member countries. A Canadian named Clementia Trenholme was the one who first introduced the Canadian schools with this day. She introduced this day on the last day of school, which was 24 May, and that day was the birthday of Queen Victoria.



This year marks the unification of the former British countries.


Celebration of Commonwealth Day

The first Commonwealth Day was celebrated.


Introduction of Empire Day

Empire Day was introduced in the United Kingdom.


Royal Commonwealth

The proposal for the Royal Commonwealth was raised.


Commonwealth as a Holiday

Commonwealth Day was introduced as a school holiday in Hong Kong.

Traditions And Customs

The main custom or tradition of this day is that the Royal Union Flag is hoisted from the flagpole of the Federal Buildings; in some countries, the union flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister.

Ways To Celebrate Commonwealth Day Canada

In order to celebrate this day, many countries have declared it as a  holiday; you can also read and gain knowledge about the Union Empire, you can also watch the Queen addressing the nation.

Facts And Stats

  • Commonwealth Day Canada is not a statutory holiday.
  • For a long period, Commonwealth Day Canada coincided with Victoria Day.
  • Commonwealth Day Canada celebrations are observed across the country.

FAQs About Commonwealth Day Canada

What is the significance of Commonwealth Day?

It signifies the unification of the former British countries.

Is Canada a country or a Commonwealth?

Canada is a Commonwealth country.

Is Canada still under British rule?

It is a Monarchy with Queen Elizabeth as the head but it is not directly under British rule.

When did Canada leave the Commonwealth?

It left the Commonwealth in 1961 but rejoined in 1994.

Why is Canada a dominion?

Canada is a dominion because it is a Monarchy.

Does Canada send money to the Queen?

No, Canada doesn't send money to the Queen.

Who owns Canada?

Queen Elizabeth is the monarch of Canada.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 11, 2020 Wednesday
March 13, 2021 Saturday
March 14, 2022 Monday
March 13, 2023 Monday
March 14, 2024 Thursday

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