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Croatian Independence Day

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Where is Croatian Independence Day observed?  

Croatian Independence Day is observed in Central and Southeastern Europe by countries along the Adriatic coast. 

Who is Croatian Independence Day observed by?

Croatian Independence Day has been observed by the Croatian citizens under their prime minister Andrej Plenković.

When did Croatian Independence Day first start?

Primarily, Croatian Independence Day was declared on June 25, 1991. However, this memorial day is always observed in Croatia on October 8. On this day, the European national parliament ended their legal relations between Croatia and Yugoslavia. Until 2020, that day was an official holiday called Independence Day. With the changes within the holiday, the name of the vacation was modified to Memorial Day.

Who started Croatian Independence Day?

Croatian independence was a process that began with a modification within the social group and constitutional reform in 1990, and it established the Socialist Republic of European country into the Republic of Croatia. 

Croatian Independence Day is a day of valor.

History And Timeline

Previously, June 25 was known as Croatian Statehood Day. On October 8, 1991, the European country parliament cut off all remaining ties with Yugoslavia. Therefore, October 8 is the turning point, and Independence Day in Croatia. In 1992, Croatia was recognized by the member states of the Economic Community, and Croatia was admitted to the UN.

July 7, 1991

The Brioni Agreement

After the Ten-Day War, the agreement was signed between Croatia and Yugoslavia. This ended the hostility between the two countries.

August 1995

Reclaim Of Management

In May and August 1995, the Republic of Croatian military offensives regained management of western Slovenija and central Croatia from Serbian insurgents.


Eastern Slavonia Claims Dropped

In 1996, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic agreed to drop his claims on Eastern Slavonia.


Yugoslav Forces Withdrew From Territory

The Yugoslav forces then withdrew from the region underneath the auspices of the UN.


Complete Territory Management Power

With the withdrawal of troops from Prilajka in 2002, Croatia regained full management of its territory.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, people place candles and flowers on the city's monuments and memorials of famous contributors as a sign of respect. The Croatian government also initiates certain memorial customs like the military parade.

Ways To Observe Croatian Independence Day

 You can obserbed the day by paying tribute to the Independence Day contributors like the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. Plus, visiting the memorial plaque is a good way to observe this day.

Facts And Stats

  • Although Croatia claimed Independence on June 25, 1991, this day isn't marked by complete independence as it came later in October.
  • This day is crucial to remember that 91% of voters who voted in the Croatian referendum favored independence.
  • Independence Day was moved to October 8 by the Government of Ivica Racan.
  • In 2019, Independence Day was shifted back to June 25.
  • This day marks the signing of the Brioni declaration by Croatia and Slovenia, ending the hostile relationship between the two countries.
  • On this day Slovenia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia agreed to sign the Brioni declaration which paved the way for Yugoslav republics negotiations.

FAQs About Croatian Independence Day

When did Croatia get its independence?

Croatia claimed its independence on June 25, 1991. They got their final independence on October 8 after breaking all the ties.

Does Croatia have Independence Day?

Yes, Croatia does have its Independence Day, observed every year on October 8. 

When did Croatia become independent from Yugoslavia?

Croatia observes declaring independence from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991, but it got its final liberation on October 8.

Who did Croatia get independence from?

Croatia got independence from SRF Yugoslavia.

How do people observe Croatian Independence Day?

Independence Day in Croatia is a day of remembrance, not a public holiday. The city observes the day by placing candles and flowers on the city's monuments and memorable statues of people who defended Croatia in the Croatian War of Independence.

Who devised Croatian Independence Day?

On June 25, the Croatian parliament declared Croatia's independence.

What are some benefits of observing Croatian Independence Day?

There are many benefits of observing Croatian Independence Day. But the major benefit to Croatia was that they got a proper federal budget to support their country.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 25, 2020 Thursday
June 25, 2021 Friday
June 25, 2022 Saturday
June 25, 2023 Sunday
June 25, 2024 Tuesday

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