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Curmudgeons Day

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Where is Curmudgeons Day celebrated?  

National Curmudgeons Day can be celebrated anywhere and at any time.

Who is Curmudgeons Day celebrated by?

National Curmudgeons Day can be celebrated by anyone who wants to participate. This official holiday is all about having fun and being grumpy, so don't be afraid to join in on the festivities.

When did Curmudgeons Day first start?

National Curmudgeons Day is a relatively new holiday, first celebrated in 2014.

Who started Curmudgeons Day?

There's no specific history or origin behind this day, but it's a great excuse to be cranky and grumpy all day long.

National Curmudgeons Day; a day in life to embrace being grumpy.

History And Timeline

Now that we have learned about the day, let's know the history of Curmudgeons.

317-316 BC

First Play And Early Reference

Even before the word's definition, a term similar to curmudgeons was found during 317-316 BC in the Ancient Greek comedy play. It was named 'Dyskolos,' also known as 'The Curmudgeons or The Grouch.' 



The first known reference and most related meaning for the word curmudgeon, as mentioned in Merriam webster, was found in 1568. It is defined as miser (a mean grasping person), and the current meaning represented is ill-tempered (usually older man). 

January 29, 1880

Birthday Of William Claude

Willian Claude Dukenfield is an American comedian born on January 29, 1880, famous for his curmudgeons' demeanor.

November 10, 1969

Grouch The Grumpy

Most popular muppet character 'Oscar the Grouch' made his first appearance on November 10, 1969. Jim Henson and Jon Stone created the first character, and it still performed in international radio and television shows.


Curmudgeons Film

The first American short film named 'Curmudgeons' was released in 2016. The film was nominated for Tribeca Film Festival under the category 'Best Narrative Short Film.'

Traditions And Customs

There are no official traditions yet; however, that doesn't mean you can't create your own. So here are some ideas for Curmudgeons Day traditions, be as grumpy and miserable as possible all day long, spend the day eating comfort food, stay in your pajamas all day, and get together with friends or family and complain about everything.

There's no specific way to celebrate Curmudgeons Day, but it's generally recommended that you do something to annoy your friends and family members. Maybe you could purposely be a Debbie Downer all day or refuse to do anything that's not your idea of fun.

If you're feeling particularly mischievous, you could even start a Curmudgeons Day tradition of being as grumpy as possible! But, whatever you choose to do, make sure you take the time to enjoy this special day dedicated to all things cranky.

Ways To Celebrate Curmudgeons Day

Curmudgeons Day can be celebrated with your friends or family members. Some people choose to spend the day being grumpy all by themselves if that's more your style, but slip some smile to equally balance the emotions in life; others participate in Curmudgeons-themed activities.

Some ideas you can plan to celebrate National Curmudgeons Day are watching curmudgeonly movies or T.V. shows, spending time online reading about curmudgeons, playing games that involve being grumpy or annoyed, listening to cranky music, baking recipes that are difficult, or you would hate to make, and wearing clothing or accessories that show your curmudgeonly side.

Facts And Stats

  •  The day hasn't been around as much as National Curmudgeon Day; the term curmudgeon traces back to 1570 with unknown origin.
  • The reason for choosing January 29 as National Curmudgeon Day is to mark the birthday of William Claude, a comedian and actor known for his curmudgeon appearance.
  • The origin of National Curmudgeons Day is unknown; however, the reason for choosing the date is its W.C. Field's birthday. So, there is a possibility that day could have started in honor of late comedian W.C. Fields.

FAQs About Curmudgeons Day

What are some advantages of celebrating Curmudgeons day?

National Curmudgeons Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the things that make you grumpy. If you're someone who doesn't like change or new experiences, Curmudgeons Day is the perfect holiday for you. This day is also a chance to have some fun and be around people who share your sense of humor.

What are the limitations in celebrating Curmudgeons day?

Curmudgeons Day celebration isn't for everyone. If you don't enjoy being grumpy or annoyed, this day might not suit you. Curmudgeons day can also be stressful if you spend too much time trying to be as cranky as possible.

What are some events similar to Curmudgeons Day?

Events similar to Curmudgeons Day are International Happiness Day and National Stress Awareness Month.

What is the motto of Curmudgeons Day?

The day aims to enjoy being a curmudgeon.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 29, 2020 Wednesday
January 29, 2021 Friday
January 29, 2022 Saturday
January 29, 2023 Sunday
January 29, 2024 Monday

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