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Emma M Nutt Day

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Where is Emma M Nutt Day celebrated?

Emma M. Nutt was the first woman telephone operator in the USA. Hence, the USA celebrates her brilliance on this day.

Who is Emma M Nutt Day celebrated by?

Emma M. Nutt, a significant figure for Americans, is also an influential figure that women worldwide look up to.

When did Emma M Nutt Day first start?

The exact year of the origin of this day is not found, but the commemoration day first started on September 1.

Who started Emma M Nutt Day?

There is no official record of who started this day.

Alexander Graham Bell himself appointed Emma Nutt.

History And Timeline

Emma M Nutt Day recognizes the path-breaking journey of the first female telephone operator who changed the world of telephone services with her contribution. Emma Nutt started her career with a job at a telegraph office. Later, she was hired at Edwin Holmes Telephone, and along with her sister Stella, she gradually changed the course of telephone services as her journey inspired many women to choose the same path.

March 7, 1876

The Telephone Was Invented

Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone on this day.


First Telephone Company Founded

The first telephone company, 'The American Bell Telephone Company,' was started by Alexander Graham Bell.

September 1, 1878

First Women Operator Employed

Emma M. Nutt, the first women telephone operator, was employed by the Bell Phone Company.


'Hello Girls'

World War I required a critical use of communication, and the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit, also called 'Hello Girls,' was employed to handle the telephone operations.

The '30s

The Decline

Telephone operator services started seeing a decline with technological advancements, as services allowed customers to dial their numbers on their own, without the assistance of any telephone company.

Traditions And Customs

There are no solid traditions to celebrate Emma M Nutt Day, but people commemorate the memorable event by remembering the influential figure by reading more about her through archives.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Emma M Nutt Day

You can celebrate Emma Nutt Day by sharing her legacy with your friends and family on social media. A fun way to celebrate Emma Nutt Day also encourages you to look into musical archives and listen to all the phone-related songs!

Facts And Stats

  • Emma M Nutt Day is celebrated on September 1 throughout America.
  • This year the day would fall on a Thursday.
  • After Emma Nutt started working as a telephone operator, nearly all telephone companies employed female operators at the end of her second year, and that is the cause of celebration for this day.

FAQs About Emma M Nutt Day

What are some events related to Emma M Nutt Day?

Emma M Nutt Day is closely related to events like National Telephone Day and National Landline Telephone Day.

What are some important facts about Emma M Nutt Day?

Emma M Nutt Day commemorates September 1, as it was her first working day as a telephone operator.

What is the historical significance of Emma M Nutt Day?

Emma M Nutt Day is celebrated to recognize Emma's contribution to paving the way for women in the communication industry. She was the first women telephone operator in the world.

What are some benefits of celebrating Emma M Nutt Day?

Celebrating Emma M Nutt Day reminds one of the path-breaking power women to hold towards bringing change. It is an inspiring day for women all over the world, looking to make it big in any unexplored territory.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 01, 2020 Tuesday
September 01, 2021 Wednesday
September 01, 2022 Thursday
September 01, 2023 Friday
September 01, 2024 Sunday

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