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Esther Day

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Where is Esther Day celebrated?

Esther Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is Esther Day celebrated by?

Esther Day is celebrated by all the Americans who are well-acquainted with the day, Nerdfighteria or follow John Green and Hank Green.

When did Esther Day first start?

Esther Day started being celebrated in 2010.

Who started Esther Day?

Esther Day initially had the idea of Esther Grace Earl, but John Green started the day in her memory as she lost her life to cancer at the age of 16.

Esther Day celebrates platonic love in all forms.

History And Timeline

A member of Nerdfighteria and a fighter in real life, Esther Earl, was a 16-year-old girl who wanted the world to be a better place. Her ideas of celebrating friendship and familial love were strong as Esther decided to have a day where people prioritized platonic love over romantic ones. Her fascinating life may have been cut short due to her death from thyroid cancer, but the hope to keep her memories alive led her friends and family to celebrate Esther Day.

August 3, 1994

Birth Of Esther Earl

The star of the Day, Esther Earl, was born on this day.


Earl Met John Green

Esther met John Green through an online community.

August 25, 2010

Esther's Death

Esther died due to thyroid cancer. Esther was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12.


Esther Day Founded

John and Hank Green founded Esther Day in memory of Esther Earl. The day is celebrated on August 3, Esther's birthday.


Esther's Book Published

After Esters demise, Esther's parents, Lori Earl and Wayne Earl, got Esther's book 'This Star Won't Go Out' published.

Traditions And Customs

Esther's Day is an auspicious occasion for the Nerdfighteria community, and it is celebrated by expressing love to family and friends.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Esther Day

You can celebrate the day by telling a friend, your family or children that you love them. You can also make cards and gifts or offer flowers to celebrate the day if saying feels a bit awkward; it all comes down to making them feel loved!

Facts And Stats

  • Esther was the inspiration for the record-breaking novel and movie 'The Fault in Our Stars' lead, Hazel Grace Lancaster, and all that is celebrated on this day.
  • John and Hank decided to celebrate Esther day as long as their YouTube channel 'Vlogbrother' runs.
  • This year, Esther Day will be celebrated on a Wednesday.

FAQs About Esther Day

Where is Esther Earl from?

Esther Earl was from Beverly, Massachusetts.

How old is Esther Earl?

Esther Earl lost her life at the age of 16 in the year 2010.

What are some disadvantages of celebrating Esther Day?

There are no disadvantages to celebrating Esther Day.

What is the importance of celebrating Esther Day?

Esther Day is a reminder for people to prioritize platonic relationships as much as romantic ones as family and friends are equally important and deserve to know they are loved in words.

Who encouraged the celebration of Esther Day?

Esther Day was initially the idea of Esther Earl, which later got prominence due to the famous writer and Esther's friend John Green.

How can we celebrate Esther Day with family?

Esther Day can be celebrated with family simply by letting them know what they mean to you. Say you love them, offer them presents, do something special or spend time. Making your family feel special is all that it takes to accomplish this fascinating holiday.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 03, 2020 Monday
August 03, 2021 Tuesday
August 03, 2022 Wednesday
August 03, 2023 Thursday
August 03, 2024 Saturday

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