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Father's Day In Austria

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Where is Father's Day in Austria celebrated?

Father's Day is celebrated throughout Austria on the second Sunday in June.

Who is Father's Day in Austria celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by everyone in Austria who want to give thanks to, and honor the role of, fathers.

When did Father's Day in Austria first start?

This day was first celebrated in the year 1956.

Who started Father's Day in Austria?

There is no record of who initiated this day.

Children get an opportunity to appreciate their fathers

History And Timeline

A timeline of the history of Father's Day is detailed here.


Father's Day Began

Father's Day originated in the US, founded by Sonora Smart Dodd.


Recommended As National Holiday

President Calvin Coolidge recommended Father's Day as a national holiday in 1924.


Tradition Adopted.

The tradition of Father's Day was accepted in the 1930s.


Declaring A Holiday

Father's Day was declared as a holiday by President Lyndon Johnson in 1949.


Father's Day Began In Austria.

This day fell in 1956 and it's celebrated on the second Sunday in June annually.

Traditions And Customs

Similarly to other countries, there is no specific traditions followed on this day. Kids buy or make handmade gifts and draw and write cards for their fathers. Some spend the day engaging in family activities that can be enjoyed with their dads, like fishing, hiking, craft, camping or just watching television.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Father's Day in Austria

You can celebrate this day like a birthday celebration, by doing a favor for your father or organising special events. If your father is fond of music festivals, you can search out his most-liked band for a virtual concert, or spend time with your dad to complete a puzzle, or go on a hike, or out for a meal. You could also buy or make a gift for your father, or important father figures in your life.

Facts And Stats

  • Father's Day Austria is held on the same day as one other European country Belgium.
  • Father's Day Austria is called Vatertag.
  • In Austria, this day isn't a public holiday.

FAQs About Father's Day In Austria

Do they celebrate Father's Day in Austria?

Yes they do. The day is similar to the American holiday, but it is more religious.

Why is Father's Day Austria different?

Although this day is celebrated similarly, it is observed on different dates

When did Father's Day start in Austria?

This day of celebration started in 1956

How do people celebrate Father's Day Austria?

Children give presents and take part in family activities.

What is the Significance of Father's Day Austria?

To thank fathers and acknowledge the importance of fathers in society.

When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 14, 2020 Sunday
June 13, 2021 Sunday
June 12, 2022 Sunday
June 11, 2023 Sunday
June 09, 2024 Sunday

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