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Global Ethics Day

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Where is Global Ethics Day observed?

Global Ethics Day is observed in all countries around the world. Countries observe this day in order to create an ethical future where there are no social or environmental issues.

Who is Global Ethics Day observed by?

People that work in Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs and people from many other organizations and communities observe the global holiday in order to promote ethics in daily life to stand up for diminishing poverty and racial injustice, and spread peace.

When did Global Ethics Day first start?

This global holiday started in 2014 to spread awareness about the social and environmental issues threatening our daily life and how ethics can help us get over these issues.

Who started Global Ethics Day?

This global holiday was created by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. They created the holiday to achieve a better future with the help of ethical actions.

Global Ethics Day addresses large social issues.

History And Timeline

Global Ethics Day started only in 2014 but the CCEIA was founded back in 1914. Here's the history of the day and the council.


The Carnegie Council Is Founded

CCEIA was founded in 1914 by a Scottish-American philanthropist and industrialist, Andrew Carnegie.

Early 2000s

Against Torture And Cruel Treatment

In the early 2000s, after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the attacks of 9/11, the CCEIA fought against torture and cruel treatment.


CCEIA Gets Current Name

CCEIA had the name Church Peace Union in 1914 when it was founded. The council got its current name, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, in 2005.


Global Ethics Day Is Created

CCEIA created Global Ethics Day in 2014 for people to come together and explore true ethics in their daily lives and try to identify and work toward reducing the critical issues of society.


75 Countries Celebrate Global Ethics Day

75 countries participated in Global Ethics Day and even amidst the pandemic, hundreds of activities were held around six continents through virtual formats and social distancing.

Traditions And Customs

People hold an event or two to increase awareness about the issues that are threatening the world. These events help make an impact on issues like racial injustice, health security, poverty, human rights, and global warming.

Ways To Observe Global Ethics Day

You can hold an event through virtual meetings or in person. These events should represent how ethical actions can be fruitful. They should highlight points such as how the ethical way of foreign policy can strengthen democracy and bring on peace and harmony in the community.

Facts And Stats

  • In 2021, Global Ethics Day and World Statistics Day were observed on the same date.
  • Global Ethics Day is actually held on the third Wednesday of October each year to promote common moral values.
  • The CCEIA calls the movement of the day 'Ethics Empowered'. They created the day for people to come together and explore true ethics in their daily lives and try to identify and work toward the critical issues of society.

FAQs About Global Ethics Day

Who started Global Ethics Day?

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs started Global Ethics Day.

What is the purpose of Global Ethics Day?

The purpose of Global Ethics Day is to motivate people to do the right thing to solve global issues, like poverty and environmental issues, and promote peace and human rights.

What is the significance of Global Ethics Day?

Global Ethics Day plays an important role in turning people the right way to solve global issues.

How is Global Ethics Day different from Global Dignity Day?

Global Ethics Day and Global Dignity Day fall on the same date, but while Global Ethics Day addresses solving global issues, Global Dignity Day tries to address people and their personal values.

What are examples of global ethics?

Some examples of global ethics are honesty, love and compassion, integrity, respect of human rights, and justice.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 21, 2020 Wednesday
October 20, 2021 Wednesday
October 19, 2022 Wednesday
October 18, 2023 Wednesday
October 16, 2024 Wednesday

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