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International Flight Attendant Day

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Where is International Flight Attendant Day celebrated?

 International Flight Attendant Day is celebrated in many countries and honors flight attendants' efforts in ensuring the safety and security of the passengers.

Who is International Flight Attendant Day celebrated by?

 Although everyone is welcome to celebrate this significant day, this day is primarily celebrated by the airline industry, the cabin crew, and the passengers who appreciate the service that flight attendants provide.

When did International Flight Attendant Day start?

 The first International Flight Attendant Day was celebrated in 2015 on May 31.

Who started International Flight Attendant Day?

 On May 31, a flight attendants union in Canada was the first to celebrate this day that honors the spirit and dedication of those who serve as flight attendants in countries worldwide.

Flight Attendants Day appreciates the cabin crew whose efforts often go unnoticed.

History And Timeline

Airline hospitality has been a central aspect of the in-flight experience ever since the inception of the airline industry. The essential part of airline hospitality is widely considered to be the flight attendants or the flight crew. These essential workers ensure top-notch service and the safety of the passengers. International Flight Attendant Day is observed to honor the cabin crew's dedication, spirit, and efforts.


First Flight attendant

The world had its first flight attendant in 1912. Heinrich Kubis is regarded as the very first flight attendant in history.


Airline Hospitality Expands

The United Kingdom's Imperial Airways employed the first stewards. This marked a significant milestone in the on-flight hospitality industry.


First Female Flight Attendant

Ellen Church was a registered nurse. This 25-year-old woman became the first female flight attendant or air hostess in history.


Empowering Air Hostesses

By 1936, female flight attendants had replaced nearly all the male flight attendants. This would go on to set a trend that we know of today.


First observation Of International Flight Attendant Day

Canada became the first country to celebrate International Flight Attendant Day in 2015, observed by a flight attendants union.

Traditions And Customs

 This day is traditionally celebrated by observing the cabin crew who do their job, often without significant compensation or appreciation, to ensure that those who fly with them have the utmost comfort in the air.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Flight Attendant Day

You can celebrate this day by reading up on the airline hospitality industry and being more appreciative and respectful of the cabin crew responsible for your safety and comfort while you take your next flight. Make a point of thanking your flight attendant and letting them know that their meticulous attention to detail is appreciated. You can also watch a couple of documentaries on the evolution of the role of flight attendants in the airline industry.

Facts And Stats

International Flight Attendant Day was observed in Canada for the first time in 2015.

The day is also known as World Cabin Crew Appreciation Day.

In 2019, a Canadian union held a music performance in Toronto for approximately 400 flight crew members worldwide.

FAQs About International Flight Attendant Day

Is today Flight Attendant Day?

Flight Attendant Day falls on May 31 every year, so check your calendar!

How many days off do flight attendants get?

Although this varies from country to country, 12-18 days off per month is common.

What is the significance of Flight Attendant Day?

This day celebrates the resolve and commitment of the cabin crew that keeps you comfortable and safe in flight.

How is Flight Attendant Day different from National Cheap Flight Day?

Nation Cheap Flight Day is just a day that celebrates low-fare air travel and the benefits that come along with it.

How does Flight Attendant Day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

It is a positive day that celebrates the efforts and hard work of the cabin crew and their relentless commitment.

What is the history & origin of Flight Attendant Day?

The day originated in 2015 when a flight attendant's union chose to appreciate the efforts of these unrelenting workers.

What is special about Flight Attendant Day?

This is a celebration of the aircrew that often goes unnoticed.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 31, 2020 Sunday
May 31, 2021 Monday
May 31, 2022 Tuesday
May 31, 2023 Wednesday
May 31, 2024 Friday

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