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Library Lovers Day

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Where is Library Lovers Day celebrated?

February 14 is a global celebration of all things related to libraries, including what new books have been added recently and how many people visited their local branch last week (or even this year!)

Who celebrates Library Lovers Day?

Library Lovers Day is celebrated by anyone who loves libraries and wants to celebrate them. It's a great day dedicated to students, teachers, librarians, or enthusiasts.

When did Library Lovers Day start?

The day was first celebrated on February 14, 2006, in Australia to celebrate libraries.

Who started Library Lovers Day?

The day was first started by the State Library of New South Wales (NSW) on February 14, 2006.

Library Lovers Day is recognized annually at the national and international level with a new theme every year.

History And Timeline

During the 7th century, the Assyrian ruler from Iraq established the first systematically organized library. Here, let's learn more about the history of libraries.

17th century

Gloden Age Of Libraries

17th and 18th centuries are known as the golden age of libraries with establishments of the greatest libraries in the world. Some of them are the Imperial Library of Constantinople and Mazarin Library.


Lending Libraries

Benjamin Franklin first introduced Lending libraries in 1731 through the American Library Company of Philadelphia and was the first library established in the USA.


Oldest Library

The oldest library in the world, 'The Royal Library of the ancient kingdom of Ebla,' was established by Italian archaeologists from the Sapienza University of Rome.


First Human Library 

First Human Library was established in 2006 in Australia, in Lismore, and is a permanent human library with partners in over 70 countries worldwide as of 2019.


Library Lovers Day

This day was initially begun by the Library of New South Wales (NSW). It became a national holiday only in 2007 when the Australian Library and Information Association promoted it.

Traditions And Customs

Library Lovers Day celebrates libraries and the people who love them. The tradition to be adopted began in 2007 by the Australian Association, which reads spread word about the day and share about your favorite book.

Library lovers everywhere know that it is the best place to read peacefully. Not only do they have a great selection of books, but they also have comfortable seating and plenty of space. So in honor of Library Lovers Day, be sure to visit your local library.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Library Lovers Day

February 14 is dedicated to reading your favorite book, and if you're looking for a place where everyone can explore their interests in music or art, then head over to a nearby library.

Another way to observe this day is to visit your local library and take a tour. Then, check out the new books added to the collection and read them. And the next best thing is to encourage your friends and family to spend time reading a book. Then, you can attend a Library Lovers Day event at your local library conducted by a librarian and write about your favorite libraries on social media using #libraryloversday.

Finally, as a token of gratitude, send an appreciation card to your librarian and your bookworm friends.

Facts And Stats

  • On this February 14, Library Lovers Day, why not visit the largest library in the world, the Library of Congress in Washington DC, United States. They have a wide range of manuscripts, films, documents, and videotapes collections.
  • Various themes widely spread on Library Lover's Day as a part of the celebration encourage you to honor your favorite library, read a book at the study hall today, visit your local library today, and check out new books added to the collection.
  • The Australian Library and Information Association promoted the day by releasing two ways to honor the day. The first is to spread the word about Library Lover's Day and change the local library Facebook and Twitter profiles to the national day promotion banner.

FAQs About Library Lovers Day

What is the significance of Library Lovers Day?

This day is important because it offers access to books and other resources that people may not afford. It also honors libraries and provides an opportunity for students, parents with children at home during winter break, teachers, librarians, and anyone who loves libraries.

How is Library Lovers Day different from National Book Lovers Day?

Library Lovers Day is celebrated to honor libraries, librarians, and readers. And National Book Lovers Day encourages all bibliophiles to celebrate books and literature.

How does this day affect people psychologically or emotionally?

This day to celebrate libraries and the people who love them. It has no known psychological or emotional effects on people. However, it may make some people feel happy, excited, or grateful for the service of their local libraries.

What is the history and origin of Library Lovers Day?

The day was started by the Australian bibliophiles in 2006.

Which is the biggest library in the world?

The Library Congress in the United States of America is the biggest library globally, with more than 170 million resources.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 14, 2020 Friday
February 14, 2021 Sunday
February 14, 2022 Monday
February 14, 2023 Tuesday
February 14, 2024 Wednesday

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