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Mayflower Day

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Where is Mayflower Day celebrated? 

This day is observed in the US as a part of events that commemorate the United States heritage and the ship that carried the hopes of freedom from Plymouth, England, to the new world.

Who celebrates Mayflower Day?

Mayflower Day is celebrated by millions of Americans, marking the pilgrim voyage from New England to the new world. The ship's journey to the new colony is a critical piece of American history.

When did Mayflower Day start?

The first Mayflower Day was celebrated on November 21 in the year 1620 marking the signage of the mayflower compact.

Who started Mayflower Day?

 The Mayflower Day was established by the pilgrims who traveled from England to the new world searching for freedom of life while suffering through many hardships.

The settlers endured a difficult 66 days at sea to reach the shores of the new world in Massachusetts.

History And Timeline

Mayflower day is one of the most notable dates celebrated in the United States, marking the signage of the Mayflower Compact. The Mayflower Compact was a governance system that the travelers signed, marking the institutionalization of the new colony, carrying the hopes of the New Church within its passengers.

August 5, 1620

First Attempt For Freedom

In the summer of 1620, the Mayflower and another smaller ship called the Speedwell set sail for the new world, but this lasted a short while since they had to return to Dartmouth for repairs.

September 16, 1620

Prosperous Wind

The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, with her passengers, and their original destination was supposed to be the Hudson River, Virginia, as chartered by some English merchants.

November 19, 1620

New Horizons

The Pilgrim sighted Cape Cod after trying to sail south to their original destination for several days but was held back by strong winds.  

November 21, 1620

Landing Of The Pilgrims

On November 21, the pilgrim passengers finally set down their answer on the shores of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, making history and setting a new precedent for the world. William Bradford was chosen as the governor of the new settlement.

May 16, 1621

Returning Home

The Plymouth borne ship, which was initially supposed to be distant to Virginia, returned home to London on May 16 in half the time it took for the pilgrims to sail to America.

Traditions And Customs

You could also learn more about the Mayflower by watching a documentary or reading a book about it. Both Caleb H. Johnson's 'The Mayflower and Her Passengers' and Nathaniel Philbrick's 'The Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War' will take you within the lives of the settlers. Collaborate on Mayflower-related activities with young folks, whether you are a schoolteacher or a caregiver.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Mayflower Day

Visit Plymouth Plantation and learn about the Mayflower's heritage. Browse newer literature on the Mayflower. Learn more about the expedition and the people that took part in it. Learn about the choices as well as how the resolution was reached. Study their notebooks and take a walk in their shoes.

Facts And Stats

  • The original Mayflower sailed in 1620 on November 21, but the day is celebrated on September 16.
  • Although the fate of the original Mayflower is unknown, it was thought to be taken apart by a shipbreaker in 1624. You can find out more such facts on this day.
  • There were 102 passengers on this ship that sailed from the Plymouth colony from New England to the new world, practically starting a new chapter in American history, and that's why the day is of so much importance.

FAQs About Mayflower Day

What does Mayflower symbolize?

It is a symbol of spring and rebirth and the hopes for freedom.

When did the Mayflower arrive in America?

The ship made landfall on November 21 in the year 1620.

Where was the Mayflower built?

The famed ship was built in Harwich, England.

Where did the Mayflower set sail from for its voyage to Plymouth?

The ship was initially supposed to land on the shores of Hudson, Virginia

How big was the Mayflower?

The original ship was 100-110 ft (30-33.5 m).

Does the original Mayflower still exist?

The original vessel is lost to history, believed to have been taken apart.

What are some advantages of celebrating Mayflower Day?

You can learn about the history of the settlers in America and appreciate the brave-hearted who created history.

What are some similar events to Mayflower Day?

Sailors Day is one similar event to this day.

How do sailors celebrate Mayflower Day?

Sailors celebrate the Mayflower voyage by remembering the hardships endured by the original travelers commemorating the journey.

How is Mayflower Day different from Sailors Day?

Sailors Day celebrates the seafarers and the ocean travelers, whereas Mayflower Day is a historical celebration of freedom

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 16, 2020 Wednesday
September 16, 2021 Thursday
September 16, 2022 Friday
September 16, 2023 Saturday
September 16, 2024 Monday

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