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Measure Your Feet Day

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Where is Measure Your Feet Day celebrated?

 This holiday is celebrated all around the world but particularly in Iceland.

Who is Measure Your Feet Day celebrated by?

 People living all over Iceland celebrate this holiday every year on January 23.

When did Measure Your Feet Day first start?

 The exact date of when this day was celebrated first is yet to be known.

Who started Measure Your Feet Day?

 No one really knows who started this day, though it is said that ancient Icelanders are the ones that first came up with this concept.

You can use a tape measure to find out the length of your feet.

History And Timeline

How this holiday came into existence is still quite unclear. Some accounts give the credit to ancient Icelandic traditions like Shelbing, which is like a high five but with your feet. It is believed that during spring, a cold season in Iceland, people would rush into their huts to hide from storms and measure their feet in pairs to perform this rite.


Inventing The Brannock Device

The Brannock Device was invented by Charles F. Brannock to measure the foot and determine shoe size.


Discovering Oldest Shoes

Sagebrush bark sandals discovered at the Fort Rock Cave in Oregon, USA, date from 7000-8000 BC.


Starting Of Mondopoint System

The Mondopoint system was introduced to be adapted for shoe size measurement all over the world.

Traditions And Customs

This holiday's traditions include measuring your foot size, getting the right size for you, and your shoes. People often complain about issues such as hammer toe and ankle pain. This day is all about measuring foot length, having fun, and taking good care of your feet.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Measure Your Feet Day

 Measure the length and width of your feet using a measuring tape. To relax your feet, do some foot exercises. You can have some fun yourself by measuring other people's shoe sizes. On social media, post photographs of your foot measurements. Celebrate this day by slipping a well-fitted pair of socks up your ankles and tying your shoes tight so you don't slip on the floor (protect those legs!).

Facts And Stats

This day is celebrated on January 23 every year.

Ancient Icelanders started this day.

It promotes awareness and the importance of taking good care of your feet.

It is celebrated in Iceland.

FAQs About Measure Your Feet Day

What time of day should you measure your feet?

Because feet swell throughout the day, the best time for measuring them is in the evening.

How can I measure my feet at home?

On a piece of paper, draw a straight line that is longer than your foot. Placing the paper on a flat surface is a good idea. Stand centrally against the wall on the line with your heel and the longest toe. At the point of the longest toe and the rear of the heel, make a mark on the line. Repeat the steps for the other foot. The distance between the markings should be measured. Use the greater of the two measurements as the final result.

Is there a Feet Day?

While there isn't a Feet Day, there sure is an I Love My Feet Day, which is celebrated on August 17.

Who invented the concept of Measure Your Feet Day?

The ancient Icelanders invented the concept of this holiday.

What are some similarities between Measure Your Feet Day and Shoes Day?

Both Shoes Day and Measure Your Feet Day are celebrated to give importance to our feet.

What is the importance of celebrating Measure Your Feet Day?

National Measure Your Feet Day was created to encourage people to pay attention to their feet. It is usual for people to forget about them, and this day is celebrated to help them remember.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 23, 2020 Thursday
January 23, 2021 Saturday
January 23, 2022 Sunday
January 23, 2023 Monday
January 23, 2024 Tuesday

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