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Mother-In-Law Day

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Where is National Mother-In-Law Day celebrated?

National Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated in the United States of America with in-law relationships' American background history.

Who is National Mother-In-Law Day celebrated by?

The mother-in-law of the partners or spouses is the main person who is celebrated on National Mother-In-Law Day

When did National Mother-In-Law Day first start?

The first National Mother-In-Law Day is believed to have started in March 1934 and later shifted to October in the '70s.

Who started National Mother-In-Law Day?

National Mother-In-Law Day was first started by a local newspaper editor in Amarillo named Gene Howe.

Do not miss out on getting a special gift for your mother-in-law on this day.

History And Timeline

In-laws have been present as long as marriage has existed. Till recently, the status of one's family and parents played a vital role in arranging marriage compared to the relationship between the groom and bride. Society expects in-laws to be heavily involved in their adult children's lives. By the '20s, the attitudes of Americans towards their in-law relationships changed.

Young individuals were motivated to live separately from their parents and forge their own paths as a couple. The stereotypical 'meddling mother-in-law' was given birth to. From that time, a study demonstrates that women, specifically, have strained relations with their mothers-in-law, with 60% of married women in America experiencing tension with their mothers-in-law.

A local newspaper editor in Amarillo named Gene Howe initiated Mother-In-Law Day in honor of all the mothers-in-law. The day was first celebrated on March 5, 1934. The day was first celebrated in Amarillo, Texas. The celebration of Mother's Day motivated him to create Mother-In-Law Day to acknowledge the unique bond between married adults and their mothers-in-law. For several years, the day was observed on different days.

Later, the Mother-In-Law Day Committee was established to choose honorees every year. Finally, in the '70s, the fourth Sunday of October was declared Mother-In-Law Day by the American Society of Florists. Since then, the date has been celebrated. Even though the term is only technically applicable to legally married individuals, it is a great day to appreciate a partners' mother also for unmarried people.


Use Of In-Law

The terms father-in-law and mother-in-law had begun to appear in English documents.


Proposal Of Mother-In-Law Day

The day was proposed by Gene Howe since he felt guilty for demeaning his own mother-in-law in his newspaper.

March 5, 1934

First Mother-In-Law Day

Mother-In-Law Day was first observed in Amarillo, Texas.

The '70s

Shifting The Day To October

The fourth Sunday of October was declared Mother-In-Law Day by the American Society of Florists.


First Grandmother

After the inauguration of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, moved with the family into the White House. The adoring grandmother contributed to the Obamas' young daughters' sense of normalcy and home in the house.

Traditions And Customs

Whether one is close to their mother-in-law or not, they must celebrate her. Even a little gesture can make her day. On Mother-In-Law Day, one can offer their mother-in-law a trip to their favorite restaurant or help her do household chores on this day. They can play her favorite card game or ask her to teach them how to make special recipes. Compliment and appreciate her on this day by calling her or sending cards to wish her. Take some happy family photos and post and share them on social media with the hashtag #NationalMotherInLawDay.

Ways To Celebrate Mother-In-Law Day

There are several ways in which Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated based on the amount of money one is willing to spend on their mother-in-law or the kind of relationship they share with them. On this day, one could start the day with a hug or a simple love message to their mother-in-law or take her blessing and make her happy throughout the day. The day can also be celebrated by taking them out shopping and buying the things they love. One can also spend the day with her and compliment her on her positive attitude. Mother-In-Law Day could also be observed by preparing her favorite food at home and surprising her with it or presenting her with a gift to make her happy. You can also use the hashtag # MotherInLawDay to share social media images and information about the day.

Facts And Stats

  • Gene Howe proposed the National Mother-In-Law Day because he felt terrible about demeaning his own mother-in-law in his newspaper. To compensate for this, he proposed the day in the Amarillo Globe newspaper, of which he was an editor.
  • On this day, one must express their love to their mothers-in-law with special celebrations with the entire family.
  • National Mother-In-Law Day celebrates all the mothers-in-law and their affection, love, and compassion for their children-like in-laws.
  • This year, the day would fall on October 23.

FAQs About Mother-In-Law Day

What are mothers-in-law called?

Mothers-in-law are called by different names, such as mom, mama, or simply a mother.

How do you say Happy Mother's Day to your mother-in-law?

One can wish Happy Mother's Day to their mother-in-law by wishing them over the phone or sending them a card.

What should I write on a Mother's Day card for my mother-in-law?

One can write to wish them on a Mother's Day card for their mother-in-law.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 25, 2020 Sunday
October 24, 2021 Sunday
October 23, 2022 Sunday
October 22, 2023 Sunday
October 27, 2024 Sunday

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