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National Be Late For Something Day

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Where is National Be Late For Something Day celebrated?  

This day of procrastination is celebrated in the US on September 5. Most individuals in this modern lifestyle spend their lives hustling and hurrying, always racing against the clock. This off-the-record festival encourages individuals to slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the world around them, as well as to appreciate the minor joys in life.

Who is National Be Late For Something Day celebrated by?

 This day is celebrated in the observance of procrastinators. Hence, every person in the US enjoys lateness on September 5.

When did National Be Late For Something Day first start?

 The Procrastinators Club of America established the National Be Late For Something Day to highlight the benefits of being late. The club's committee quickly designated September 5 as the official Be Late for Something Day when Les Waas founded it in 1956.

Who started National Be Late For Something Day?

Procrastinators Club of America's committee assigned September 5 as National Be Late For Something Day

Relaxing is synonymous with happiness.

History And Timeline

Be Late For Something Day will be music to the ears of a lot of folks! If you are the type of person who is constantly late for an appointment, you now have the perfect excuse to do so without feeling terrible! Isn't that appealing? A few milestones that led to the happening of this day


Founding Of The Club

The Procrastinators Club of America was founded, and Les Waas serves as its interim president. The committee declared September 5 as Be Late For Something Day shortly after the club's inception.


Fight For Peace

A rally to shun the War of 1812 was held by the Procrastinators Club.


Award To Come Later

The Procrastinators Club bestows the 'Award to Come Later' honor on Philadelphia's Betsy Ross Bridge event due to its long-delayed opening.


Last Month's Newsletter

The club has over 6,000 foreign members as of 1995. 'Last Month's Newsletter' was the title of the club's newsletter.


Death Of Les Waas

At the age of 94, the founder of the Procrastinator's Club of America passes away.

 Traditions And Customs

 This holiday isn't observed in the typical manner any holiday observed since most individuals who might observe it would most likely postpone doing so.

Ways To Celebrate National Be Late For Something Day

Allow yourself to be late for anything and take some time to yourself. The good news is that you can be certain it won't be disastrous because you're preparing it. When your bus arrives, chat with others at the bus stop. Allow it to pass; there will be another. Are you rushing to get to work? Slow down, drive carefully, and don't let your morning commute stress you out. Getting a massage done is also a way of pampering yourself.

Facts And Stats

  • Be Late For Something Day was yet another earnest attempt on their part to get the point through. We all need a vacation from the immense amount of weight placed on our shoulders in an ever-changing world.
  • Be Late For Something Day has prompted many people to reconsider their schedules because people delay their schedules because they can't control unpleasant feelings like guilt or dread or because they're overwhelmed.
  • Be Late for Something Day is ideally used for contemplating nature's inner workings as it's not often that we get the opportunity to appreciate the small things in our lives.

FAQs About National Be Late For Something Day

What is the significance of National Be Late For Something Day?

Celebrate National Be Late For Something Day by pulling back from your schedule and purposefully being late for something; realizing that things can carry on without you, and maybe it's not as vital as you think; ultimately, everyone needs some 'me time.'

How is National Be Late For Something day different to Punch The Clock Day?

Punch The Clock Day is intended to honor the 'punch clock system of documenting time worked' or, more likely, to benefit the greeting card industry's coffers. In comparison, the other is to celebrate procrastinating putting things on time.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day helps in one's well-being and allows people to relax and spend some quality time with themselves, and it also appreciates procrastination on that day.

What is the history and origins of National Be Late For Something Day?

This day was recognized first by the Procrastinators Club after the club's formation in 1956.

What is unique about National Being Late For Something Day?

This day celebrated in September is an organization to allow people to take a break from their busy daily schedules.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 05, 2020 Saturday
September 05, 2021 Sunday
September 05, 2022 Monday
September 05, 2023 Tuesday
September 05, 2024 Thursday
September 05, 2025 Friday

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