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National Bombshells Day

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Where is National Bombshells Day celebrated?

National Bombshells' Day is a non-governmental national holiday celebrated in the United States of America. However, there are no national boundaries when it comes to celebrating women. Hence, this holiday is celebrated internationally as well.

Who is National Bombshells Day celebrated by?

People all over the world observe Bombshells' Day. Everyone who wishes to motivate women to love themselves more, appreciate what womankind does for everyone around, and promote the importance of self-love among women also participates in celebrating this Day.

When did National Bombshells Day first start?

National Bombshells' Day was founded by the fashion brand Victoria's Secret in 2015. Victoria's Secret Stores celebrate this national day on the first Saturday of May.

Who started National Bombshells Day?

The well-renowned American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer known as Victoria's Secret established National Bombshells' Day as an initiative to appreciate and honor women all around the world.

National Bombshells Day encourages women to spend more time with their best friends and the women around them.

History And Timeline

The history of National Bombshells Day can be traced back to 2015. Even before the commemoration of this holiday, Victoria's Secret has been a brand with a record of advocating and encouraging self-love and appreciation of womankind.


Establishment Of Victoria's Secret

The brand's first store was opened in Stanford Shopping Centre, California, by the founders Roy and Gaye Raymond.


Popularization Among Masses

Victoria's Secret published a 40-page catalog featuring products worn by models, which became a vast point attracting more customers and setting the trend for other brands to publish catalogs.


Victoria's Secret Sold

Victoria's Secret was sold to Leslie Wexner in 1982.


National Bombshells' Day

First Saturday of May was recognized as an unofficial national holiday in a successful attempt to promote women.


Victoria's Secret Stores Closing

Victoria's Secret Stores are closing in Canada and the US due to changing customer preferences.

Traditions And Customs

In recognition of this national holiday on the first Saturday in May, Victoria's Secret stores provide special discounts for all their customers to celebrate women and encourage body positivity.

Ways To Celebrate National Bombshells Day

If you are a woman, celebrate and treat yourself and your best friends to a fun Saturday day out. This holiday aims to encourage self-worth and self-love, so you can indulge in any fun activities that make you feel better about yourself.

Hang out with influential women in your life, go out on lunch or dinner dates. Appreciate their existence, give them gifts, something special! There are women worldwide who go through many difficult times; try to take the initiative to appreciate them not only on National Bombshells Day but all other days of the year!

Facts And Stats

On National Bombshells Day, make yourself feel special with the famous Victoria's Secret perfume called 'Bombshell Fragnance,' launched in 2010.

On National Bombshells Day, you can also remember the first woman to be called a bombshell, Jean Harlow. She was named so as her movie 'Platinum Bonde' struck a chord with the audience, making it successful.

The first National Bombshells Day had 'peel and reveal' offers for its customers in some stores where they had to peel a sticker to receive a discount!

FAQs About National Bombshells Day

Who initially directed Bombshell?

Bombshell is a 2019 drama film with Jay Roach as the director.

What is the importance of National Bombshells Day?

National Bombshells Day was first established in 2015 to encourage and appreciate women. Victoria's Secret, the fashion and beauty brand, was founded this Day to promote solidarity among females worldwide, motivating them to appreciate themselves and understand their capabilities.

Why are women so excited for National Bombshells' Day?

Bombshells' Day is a holiday about celebrating women. They can pamper themselves or be pampered and cared for by their loved ones. Victoria's Secret established Bombshells' Day and the brand even gives out a lot of offers for their female customers.

Who inspired National Bombshells' Day?

National Bombshells' Day was first founded by Victoria's Secret in 2015 with an inspiration to celebrate womankind worldwide.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 02, 2020 Saturday
May 01, 2021 Saturday
May 07, 2022 Saturday
May 06, 2023 Saturday
May 04, 2024 Saturday

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