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National Brother's Day

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Where is National Brother's Day celebrated?

It originated from America. However, National Brother's Day is celebrated all over the world.

Who is National Brother's Day celebrated by?

National Brother's Day is observed by brothers, sisters, and parents from around the world to celebrate the brotherhood.

When did National Brother's Day first start?

National Brother's Day was first celebrated in 2005 on May 24, in Alabama, United States.

Who started National Brother's Day?

National Brother's Day was started by C. Daniel Rhodes, an American sculptor, ceramic artist, and author, in 2005 to celebrate brothers.

History And Timeline

The history of Brother's Day was established recently. There are no exact details available about the origin of the date except for the person who started it. Here are a few noticeable brothers that have taken the world by storm.


The Grimm Brothers

The German brother duo collected, preserved, and published folklore tales in the 19th century, such as 'Rapunzel,' 'Little Red Riding Hood,' and many more.


Wright Brothers

The American brother duo made the dreams of many a reality and created the first-ever plane. We owe a lot to these brothers.


Jackson Brothers

The pop band composed of five brothers created history in the music industry by becoming the first group to debut with four consecutive number one hit songs on Billboard Hot 100.


Jonas Brothers

The pop trio became one of the most famous boy bands of the 21st century and hasn't stopped ruling the music industry since then.

May 24, 2005

National Brother's Day

C. Daniel Rhodes announced May 24 as Brother's Day to celebrate our male siblings.

This day celebrates the importance of having a brother in life.

Traditions And Customs

Usually, siblings talk about their lives and childhood, reminiscing their favorite memories on this day. On this day, everyone meets at the family home to eat together and play board games. The day gives us a chance to relax and bond with our brothers again.

Ways To Celebrate National Brother's Day

Send a meaningful gift to your brother like a sweater similar to something they might have had as a kid.

Men love flowers, too! Break this notion of 'bouquets are for women.' Send some flowers to your brother with an appreciation note.

Spend quality time together, have a hearty conversation over a drink, or play video games like the good old days.

Facts And Stats

  • National Brother's Day is an unofficial holiday.
  • More than 40 states are trying to make Brother's Day an official holiday.
  • Similar to this day, in India, there is a special day for brothers, which is celebrated as a festival where gifts and sweets are exchanged.

FAQs About National Brother's Day

Is today Brother's Day in India?

Brother's Day in India is on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Why is it called Brother's Day?

It is a fun day dedicated to the male figure in our life whom we consider as our brother; hence, it is called Brother's Day

Who invented the concept of Brother's Day?

C Daniel Rhodes of Alabama invented the concept of Brother's Day.

Why do sisters like Brother's Day?

The day provides an opportunity to bond with their brothers; hence, they like Brother's Day.

What are the similarities between Brother's Day and Sisters Day?

On both Brother's Day and Sisters Day, relationships between siblings or people who share a similar relationship are celebrated, and they get extra affection from each other.

What are some assumptions we need to take while celebrating Brother's Day?

We don't need a brother to celebrate this day. Dedicate this day to best friends on whom you can count.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 24, 2020 Sunday
May 24, 2021 Monday
May 24, 2022 Tuesday
May 24, 2023 Wednesday
May 24, 2024 Friday

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