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National Cafe Au Lait Day

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Where is National Cafe Au Lait Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated all across the United States, especially New Orleans.

Who is National Cafe Au Lait Day celebrated by?

People across the world enjoy café au lait. However, people in the U.S. and New Orleans celebrate this day by drinking a cup of cafe au lait straight out of an espresso machine. However, people having milk allergies should exercise caution.

When did National Cafe Au Lait Day first start?

 The first National Cafe Au Lait Day was celebrated on February 17, 2017.

Who started National Cafe Au Lait Day?

 There are no records as to who started the celebration on this day.

Enjoy a cup of café au lait with your friends and family

History And Timeline

Café au lait has different names in different countries. For instance, in Poland, it is called 'kawa biala' (white coffee), and in Germany, it is called 'Milchkaffee' (milk coffee). The term café au lait is most famously used in the U.S. and northern European cafes.

In New Orleans, the hot coffee is served with milk and chicory root that adds a bitter taste to the drink. It is often served with sweet beignets that complement the bitter taste of espresso coffee. The only exception is reverse coffee which the French love. Blending espresso with hot milk gives you reverse coffee, whereas the classic drink is created by pouring hot milk into coffee.  


First Coffee Licence Was Obtained.

Dorothy Jones was the first person to secure a coffee license in Boston.


Boston Tea Party Made Coffee Famous.

Thanks to this infamous party, the American people permanently switched from tea to coffee.


Coffee With Chicory And Milk.

The French began adding chicory to milk and coffee as a way to stretch their rations during the Napolean Continental Blockade.


Cafe Du Monde.

The blissful duo of cafe au lait and beignets was popularized at a coffee stand in New Orleans.

1861- 1865

Use Of Chicory In Coffee

During the American Civil War, people in Louisiana started adding chicory root to their coffee.

Traditions And Customs

One of the best traditions you can follow on National Café Au Lait Day is to sip this delicious and refreshing cup of hot coffee. If you've never tried one, it's a good day to start with this French drink.

Ways To CelebrateNational Cafe Au Lait Day

 The best way to celebrate this day is by drinking coffee with milk. You can go to any coffee shop to enjoy the traditionally served café au lait made with steamed milk or the New Orleans style. Also, you can try different recipes for coffee at home using coffee and milk.

It is best to prepare your drink with equal amounts of espresso coffee, hot milk, and chicory roots as it exhibits a bitter taste that is very different from the French version.

Facts And Stats

  • National Café Au Lait Day is an excuse for people everywhere to enjoy various delicious café au lait recipes.
  • People in New Orleans visit Cafe du Monde in the French Market to relish a cup of cafe au lait with sweet beignets on this holiday.
  • On this day, people love to experiment with different recipes of cafe au lait at home. Some even replicate the New Orleans style with a slightly bitter taste and serve it during breakfast.

FAQs About National Cafe Au Lait Day

What is café au lait, and when is it served?

It is a coffee with hot milk. It is available at most cafes and comes right out of an espresso machine.

What is the difference between a caffè latte and a café au lait?

The difference lies in the way they are served. For instance, a white porcelain cup or bowl is used to offer the French version. For offering the Italian caffè latte, traditional kitchen glasses are used.

Who invented cafe au lait?

Café au lait was first invented in France. It was created by Marie de Rabutin- Chantal during the mid 17th century.

Who started National Cafe Au Lait Day?

The exact person who started this day is not known.

When is National Café Au Lait Day?

The day is celebrated on February 17 each year.

What is the significance of National Cafe Au Lait Day?

This day, all coffee lovers come together to enjoy a nice cup of coffee blended in milk.

How do people celebrate National Café Au Lait Day?

People celebrate this day by drinking a cup of hot coffee with their friends and family.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 16, 2020 Sunday
February 16, 2021 Tuesday
February 16, 2022 Wednesday
February 16, 2023 Thursday
February 16, 2024 Friday

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