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National Cereal Day

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Where is National Cereal Day celebrated?  

 National Cereal Day is celebrated all across the United States.

Who is National Cereal Day celebrated by?

 Kids, teens, adults- everybody loves their breakfast cereal and so celebrate their favorite cereal on this day.

When did National Cereal Day first start?

National Cereal Day is thought to be a new holiday observed on March 7 each year. The year of its first celebration, however, is uncertain.

Who started National Cereal Day?

 The origins and founder of National Cereal Day remain a mystery.

People celebrate National Cereal Day by having a bowl of cereal in breakfast.

History And Timeline

The creation and evolution of America's most popular breakfast food is a long and intriguing narrative. Here is a brief overview regarding the major events in the history of cereals.


Cereal Revolution

Ferdinand Schumacher started the cereal revolution in Akron, Ohio. His company, 'German Mills American Oatmeal Company,' was the first commercial oatmeal producer in the United States.


Invention Of Granula

James Caleb Jackson invented the first breakfast cereal, Granula, in the United States. 


Patent Of Corn Flakes

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was awarded the patent of corn flakes.


Sweetened Cereal

Ranger Joe Wheat Honnies arrived in the market with its sweet cereal that appealed to the kids. 


Debut Of Mr. T

Mr. T's cereal was the first officially licensed ready-to-eat cereal and was manufactured by the Quaker Oats Company.

Traditions And Customs

March 7 is dedicated to the annual celebration of National Cereal Day, during which all Americas unite to celebrate their favorite breakfast food. People hit nearby grocery stores and buy boxes of cereal and eat it the whole day. This day also gives people an opportunity to learn about the invention of cereals and the creation of the cereal industry.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Cereal Day

You eat cereals every morning. So, why not set this day apart by having a healthy bowl of cereal throughout the day in every meal!

There are various cereals available in the market with different shapes and flavors. Try out a new kind of cereal on this day!

Buy several boxes of cereals and distribute them among friends.

Create new dishes with cereals such as pancakes, cookies, and pies.

Facts And Stats

Cereals are undeniably among the most popular health foods in the United States, with statistics indicating that about half of the total American population consumes cereal for breakfast. So it's no surprise that National Cereal Day is a popular holiday in the United States!

This National Cereal Day, take a trip to Michigan, also regarded as the 'Cereal Capital of the World' as both Kellogg's, and Post were founded in this city.

You wouldn't be celebrating National Cereal Day today if reformers in the 1800s had not worked to improve the American diet, as most people at the time ate solely beef and pork, which was unhealthy and caused a slew of gastrointestinal problems. Their efforts resulted in the start of the cereal revolution in 1854. 

We are guessing that most Americans would begin their National Cereal Day with a bowl of Kellogg's corn flakes but did you know that it was an entirely accidental invention? Will Keith Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg experimented with boiled wheat initially but failed. They eventually tried the same method with corn, and so Kellogg's corn flakes were born.

FAQs About National Cereal Day

Is March 7 National Cereal Day?

Yes, National Cereal Day is celebrated in the United States every year on March 7.

Is cereal every day bad?

Though delicious and healthy, eating cereal too often can lead to weight gain and tooth decay.

What is the significance of National Cereal Day?

This day celebrates the favorite health food of Americans.

How is National Cereal Day different from National Oatmeal Day?

While National Cereal Day celebrates all kinds of cereals, National Oatmeal Day is specifically dedicated to the commemoration of oatmeal.

What are the history and origin of National Cereal Day?

The history and origin of National Cereal Day are unknown. However, the establishment of the cereal industry began in the 1800s when the reformers aimed at changing the unhealthy meat and pork diet of Americans with healthier alternatives. While Ferdinand Schumacher initiated the cereal revolution, people like James Caleb Jackson, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, and Will Keith Kellogg popularized it as breakfast food through their revolutionary inventions.

Why do people love National Cereal Day?

A majority of Americans have cereals for breakfast and in other meals too. It is not only one of the healthiest foods in the world but also the most popular one, which is evident from the fact that more than 2.7 billion boxes of cereals are sold every year across the globe.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 06, 2020 Friday
March 06, 2021 Saturday
March 06, 2022 Sunday
March 06, 2023 Monday
March 06, 2024 Wednesday

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