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National Chicken Finger Day

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Where is National Chicken Finger Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated throughout America.

Who is National Chicken Finger Day celebrated by?

All the chicken lovers in America celebrate this day.

When did National Chicken Finger Day first start?

This day was first celebrated in 1996.

Who started National Chicken Finger Day?

Todd Graves, the CEO of Raising Cane's, started this day.

Chicken finger tastes great with coleslaw.

History And Timeline

Let's dig into some of the fascinating historical events related to this day!


Invention Of Chicken Finger

A restaurant named, The Puritan Backroom in Manchester, New Hampshire, invented this dish back in 1974.


Popularity Of Chicken Fingers

The recipe of chicken fingers went viral after its invention.


National Chicken Finger Day

This day was founded by the CEO of Raising Cane's.


Rise Of The Competitors

Raising Cane's chicken finger faces tough competition by Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Wendy's, and Carl's Jr, which gives promotional deals on the finger chicken combo meal boxes.


Love For Chicken Fingers

The craze for this dish cooked in oil grows popular with each passing day.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, all the chicken lovers celebrate this southern tradition of the country with buckets of chicken fingers and eat them with their favorite dipping sauce. Many people also enjoy frying the marinated chicken at home and get the delectable taste of homemade chicken fingers. The popular restaurants provide lucrative deals on chicken meat. Many chefs come up with their videos on preparing and frying chicken fingers.

Ways To Celebrate National Chicken Finger Day

The best way to observe this day is by grabbing the best chicken fingers from popular restaurants. You can also visit the founding restaurant, Raising Cane's, giving their customers a free chicken finger and other promotional combo meal deals. Posting an image of the mouth-watering chicken fingers on social media is another way of celebrating this day.

Facts And Stats

  • National Chicken Finger Day was initially created to promote white meat chicken in the U.S.
  • Raising Cane's gives out amazing deals on chicken fingers and combo meals on this day. Hence, we should definitely give it a try.
  • Todd Graves, the founder of this day, as well as Raising Cane's, saved his money after long struggles as a boilermaker and commercial fisher in Alaska.


FAQs About National Chicken Finger Day

Who started National Chicken Finger Day?

This day was started by a Louisiana-based fast-food restaurant, named Raising Cane's in 1996.

What is the reason for the name 'chicken fingers'?

The main reason for such a name is because of the finger-shaped cutlets that are easily dipped in your choice of condiment.

What are some events related to National Chicken Finger Day?

Some popular events related to this day are hosting chicken finger parties with friends and families and learning new recipes.

Who invented the concept of National Chicken Finger Day?

The CEO, Todd Graves, of Raising Cane's invented this concept.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Chicken Finger Day?

This day is an excuse to indulge in loads of chicken fingers without any guilt.

How do families celebrate National Chicken Finger Day?

Families celebrate this day by eating tasty chicken tenders either by ordering them from a nearby food joint or by making them at home.

How ethical is it to celebrate this day?

There is nothing wrong to celebrate National Chicken Finger Day. However, we should refrain from overeating because of the excess oil in which these are fried.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 27, 2020 Monday
July 27, 2021 Tuesday
July 27, 2022 Wednesday
July 27, 2023 Thursday
July 27, 2024 Saturday

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