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National Chocolate Macaroon Day

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Where is National Chocolate Macaroon Day celebrated?  

National Chocolate Macaroon Day is celebrated all over the USA.

Who is National Chocolate Macaroon Day celebrated by?

National Chocolate Macaroon Day is celebrated by children, adults, schools, families, patisseries.  

When did National Chocolate Macaroon Day first start?

National Chocolate Macaroon Day was started in the latter half of the 20th century when the recipe was published in cookbooks and was loved by many people.  

Who started National Chocolate Macaroon Day?

This remains a mystery as no one has adequate information on who exactly initiated the National Chocolate Macaroon Day celebration.

Egg whites and sugar are two essential ingredients for preparing macaroons.

History And Timeline

A small cake or a cookie is called a macaroon, a type of dessert. Macaroon is made up of egg whites, almond powder, and ground sugar with particular flavor preferences of our choice. Macarons are baked in an oven. The origin of macaroons dates back to the ninth century in a monastery situated in Italy.

The desserts were introduced in France when monks joined as pastry chefs for  King Henry II. After a few years, two nuns started selling macarons in the French Revolution on rent. They came to be known as ‘Macaroon sisters’ throughout Europe, and even today, it has a similar name. France accounts to be holding some of the tasty macaroons. 

8th-9th century

Origin Of Macaroons

Macaroons were born as a dessert introduced by Italian monks. The name macaroon means paste and is derived from the Italian word ‘maccarone.’ Later, the monks made many changes in the types and flavors of macaroons.


The First Recipe

The first recipe for making a macaroon was thus finally penned down. The macaroon recipe makes its appearance in the court cookery book written by Robert Smith. This recipe was a basic macaron recipe, and many chefs made new changes and added flavors as per their wishes.


The Mother Of Macaroons

Esther Levy publishes the recipe for macaroons in her cookbook. The cookbook was the ‘first Jewish American Cookbook’ with many fusions and combinations of recipes. The macaroon was thus added with many changes and added flavors to give a distinct taste.

20th century

The Original Macaroons

Macaroons were initially served as a single cookie. It had a chewy texture and was soft as a cake. The flavors added to the taste and combination of different ingredients make them rich. Chocolate macaroons evolved when other people experimented with different combinations of flavors.

20th Century

National Chocolate Macaroon Day

National Chocolate Macaroon Day started being celebrated across the country.

Traditions And Customs

Macaroons were made with distinct flavors and were also substituted with coconut. The almond powder gave a nutty texture, and the coconut gave a soft texture and a sweet flavor. This was practiced in Florida. Macaroons taste the best when you enjoy them with a cup of tea. Chocolate macaroons also taste great while sipping on white wine.  

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Macaroon Day

You can either bake them or buy them from a local store. Macarons are to be enjoyed as a late evening snack or dessert to finish the meal. Treat yourself to a chocolate macaroon for making it so far! To celebrate National Chocolate Macaroon Day, join the social media community by posting about it!

Facts And Stats

  • National Chocolate Macaroon Day is a perfect excuse to enjoy the favorite treat of chocolate macaroons for everyone.
  • The best way to celebrate National Chocolate Macaroon Day is to eat chocolate macaroons and enjoy them with your close ones.
  • The founder of the National Chocolate Macaroon Day is unknown.

FAQs About National Chocolate Macaroon Day

Is there a National Macaroon Day?

Yes, National Macaroon Day is celebrated on May 31. It is to celebrate the delicacy of the American cookie, which is popular in the world. 

What nationality is a macaroon?

The nationality of a macaroon is Italian. A monk and two nuns introduced it during the French revolution. 

What is National Chocolate Macaroon Day?

National Chocolate Macaroon Day is celebrated to eat chocolate macaroons to cherish the flavor of chocolate and Italian-originated dessert macaroons. 

Is there a National Chocolate Macaroon Day?

Yes, June 3 is celebrated as National Chocolate Macaroon Day in the US. 

What nationality is a chocolate macaroon?

While macaroons originated in Italy, the nationality of chocolate macaroons is unknown.

Why are chocolate macarons so expensive?

Flavored macarons are expensive because they have added taste. Chocolates are rich and costly in themselves, and hence chocolate macaroons are also costly. You can easily make them at home. 

Why do people celebrate National Chocolate Macaroon Day?

People celebrate National Macaroon Day to express their delight in the amazing chocolate dessert. They also cherish the day to celebrate the famous macaroon. 

How do people follow or celebrate National chocolate Macaroon Day?

People usually bring boxes of macaroons and give them to their loved ones. They bake the macaroons at home or even go out and enjoy a chocolate macaroon date with their close ones. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 03, 2020 Wednesday
June 03, 2021 Thursday
June 03, 2022 Friday
June 03, 2023 Saturday
June 03, 2024 Monday

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