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National Chocolate Milk Day

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Where is National Chocolate Milk Day celebrated? 

National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated primarily in the United States.

Who is National Chocolate Milk Day celebrated by?

National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated by chocolate milk lovers across the nation.

When did National Chocolate Milk Day first start?

Chocolate milk was first introduced as a beverage to Europeans around 1689.

Who started National Chocolate Milk Day?

An Irish botanist named Hans Sloane is credited with adding chocolate to milk, hence creating chocolate milk as a beverage.

You can add chocolate powder to a glass of warm milk for delicious hot chocolate.

History And Timeline

While chocolate originated in the Mesoamerican countries near present-day Mexico, the recipe for chocolate milk was invented in Jamaica and was popularized across the world through Europe.  

1900 BC

The Olmec Drink Chocolate

One of the earliest civilizations of Southern America called the Olmec, turned the cacao plant into chocolate. They used chocolate as a medicine and used it in religious rituals.


Jamaicans Create Chocolate Water

According to historian James Delbourgo, the native people of Jamaica brewed a hot beverage from the shavings of cacao, boiled with milk and cinnamon called 'Chocolate Water', as far back 1494. This claim arguably contrasts Hans Sloane’s status as the “inventor” of chocolate milk.


Hans Sloane’s Jamaican Innovation

The Irish botanist Hans Sloane was appointed as the personal physician of the new Governor of Jamaica in 1687. During his stay of two years in Jamaica, he studied many plants along with cacao. He mixed the Jamaicans’ chocolate water with more milk to make it more digestible. Thus, chocolate milk was invented.


Sloane Popularizes Chocolate Milk

Hans Sloane sailed back to England from Jamaica in 1689, and carried this new recipe of a cocoa-based drink with him. He initially sold the drink to apothecaries, informing them of its medicinal benefits, but it soon gained popularity among the British upper class as a chocolate beverage.


Cocoa Powder Is Invented

During the Industrial Revolution, Coenraad Johannes van Houten, a chemist from the Netherlands, invented a technique for pressing cacao beans known as “Dutch pressing” which produced a powdery form of cocoa. This cocoa powder could be easily dissolved in milk or water, and make chocolate milk even more popular.

Traditions And Customs

Typically, chocolate milk is consumed when it's cold but some people prefer to have it with boiled milk. Chocolate of different varieties such as powder chocolate, drinking chocolate, or chocolate syrup can be mixed with different types of milk. Chocolate syrup is liquified chocolate. Both drinking chocolate and cocoa powder are in powder form, but drinking chocolate has sugar and milk solids mixed in it, unlike cocoa powder which can taste bitter in raw form. Non-vegans can blend cow or goat milk with drinking chocolate, and vegan chocolate milk lovers can add cocoa powder to almond milk, oat milk, or soy milk with some sugar mixture on top.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Chocolate Milk Day

To celebrate National Chocolate Milk Day, simply buy a pre-mixed bottle of chocolate milk from famous chocolate milk brands such 'TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk', 'Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond Milk', or 'Hershey's Chocolate Milk', or make a cup of delicious homemade chocolate milk by yourself! If you don’t have chocolate syrup, drinking chocolate or cocoa powder, homemade cocoa powder can easily be made by grinding some cocoa beans. Along with sugar, add your favorite toppings like cinnamon, marshmallows, or caramel, and enjoy these sweet chocolatey drinks with friends and family!

Facts And Stats

  • A popular trend on this day is to take a picture with a chocolate milk mustache and upload it on social media with the relevant hashtags.
  • The day was started by the Confectioner's Association
  • The year it started is unknown.

FAQs About National Chocolate Milk Day

Is there a National Chocolate Milk Day?

Yes, National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated on September 27.

When is the National Milk Day?

January 11 is known as National Milk Day in the United States of America.

Who invented chocolate milk?

An Irish botanist named Hans Sloan is known as the inventor of chocolate milk.

Why do we celebrate National Chocolate Milk Day?

National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated to acknowledge the popularity of the most famous chocolate-based beverage: chocolate milk.

How much chocolate milk should you drink a day?

If consumed with lower sugar content, one glass of chocolate milk per day is considered healthy. But if the amount of sugar in your chocolate milk exceeds three teaspoons, it is better to drink chocolate milk on an occasional basis than daily.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 27, 2020 Sunday
September 27, 2021 Monday
September 27, 2022 Tuesday
September 27, 2023 Wednesday
September 27, 2024 Friday

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