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National Corn Chip Day

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Where is National Corn Chip Day celebrated?  

National Corn Chip Day is celebrated widely in the United States of America. The trend is fast spreading across the world, thanks to its amazing taste and modern-day globalization.

Who is National Corn Chip Day celebrated by?

This day is observed by everyone in the country who loves this crispy snack. It is also celebrated by eateries.

When did National Corn Chip Day first start?

National Corn Chip Day has been celebrated widely in the country since at least 2002.

Who started National Corn Chip Day?

The history of who started National Corn Chips Day is not known. However, it must be someone with exceptional love for this snack!

Nachos are very popular finger foods in the United States.

History And Timeline

There are so many ways to enjoy this snack food and people have been loving it for a long time. Find out more by reading about the history of the corn chip.


Corn Chip First Identified

Charles Elmer Doolin was in San Antonio and enjoying a corn-chip snack in a cafe. He loved it and paid $100 to get the recipe and patent from the Mexican chef.

'30s - '50s

Fritos Become Popular

Doolin experimented with the recipe and started selling the corn chips from the back of his car. He eventually mass produced them and developed a brand called Fritos.


Herman Lay Becomes Involved

Potato-chip manufacturer Herman Lay became interested in these corn chips and wanted to collaborate.


Beginning Of An Era

Doolin passed away in 1959 and, after that, there was a discussion on how to take forward this iconic brand.


Frito-Lays Is Formed

Lays decided to take over Fritos to ensure corn chips continued to reach the masses. Frito-Lays Inc. was officially formed. This brand made corn chips a common snacking option in the whole of the United States, and their popularity has spread and they are now eaten worldwide.

Traditions And Customs

 In some parts of the country, people enjoy National Corn Chip Day by creating a popular dish called Frito pie, by combining chips and chili and baking it. For people who can't make the effort, it is also not uncommon to pour chili into the corn chip bag and give it a shake and eat the mixture directly! This is called a walking taco.

Frito chili pie can be tweaked into any way you want by adding vegetables or cheese to it, too. You can make nachos by topping them with beans, salsa, cheese, and spices. Nachos are one of the popular finger foods served in bars, cafes, and restaurants, and freshly made nachos taste heavenly.

Ways To Celebrate National Corn Chip Day

On January 29, celebrate a bucket of cornmeal fried snacks by making chili Frito pie at home. Don't forget to invite friends and family over; it is always fun enjoying this snack as a group.

You can have a party and make a spicy corn-chip mixture and serve it as a snack food. You can also open a large bag of corn chips, have different dips in front, and enjoy a couch party!

Take a bag of corn chips and find an exciting match to watch and, at the same time, enjoy the snack. This is a great way to observe this day.

Facts And Stats

  • On January 29, most people in the United States celebrate this day by watching a movie or having a party at home with a bag of corn chips.
  • Frito chili pie was first created by a cook working for Woolworths in Santa Fe, New Mexico during the '60s. This day honors his creativity.
  • Frito corn chips are the oldest and best-known brand of these chips in the United States. You can try innovating new recipes with this ingredient on this day.

FAQs About National Corn Chip Day

How do you celebrate National Corn Chip Day?

You can celebrate this day by enjoying the snack with friends and family.

What is celebrated on January 29?

January 29 is National Corn Chip Day in the USA.

What is the significance of National Corn Chip Day?

Corn chips are a very popular snack, eaten across the country and National Corn Chip Day celebrates this fact.

When is National Potato Chip Day?

March 14 is National Potato Chip Day.

What are corn chips spread with spicy toppings called?

When you eat corn chips spread with spicy toppings, they are called nachos.

How do families celebrate National Corn Chip Day?

Families celebrate this day by getting together with loved ones and enjoying this snack.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 28, 2022 Friday
January 28, 2023 Saturday
January 28, 2024 Sunday
January 28, 2025 Tuesday
January 28, 2026 Wednesday

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