National Creamsicle Day
August 14, 2022

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National Creamsicle Day is the best day to celebrate and munch on yummy sweet treats.

Creamsicles are flavored ice-coated ice pops with a popsicle stick in between. Though the initial flavors were vanilla and orange, there are now a wide variety of other flavors available like blueberry, cherry, lime, grape, and blue raspberry.

National Creamsicle Day is one of the favorite food holidays for ice cream lovers. This cool, sweet, frozen treat can be easily prepared by taking a large bowl and mixing vanilla ice cream and your favorite fruit juice. You can experiment by replacing vanilla ice cream with your other favorite flavors. Mix the ingredients and gradually add the milk. Transfer the mixture to small paper cups. Place these cups in the freezer; once these cups are partially frozen, tuck the popsicle sticks into the mixture and leave these cups in the freezer overnight. Just strip off the paper cups around the frozen popsicles, and your favorite creamsicles will be ready.

Where is National Creamsicle Day celebrated?  

 National Creamsicle Day is one of the fun food holidays celebrated in the USA.

Who is National Creamsicle Day celebrated by?

National Creamsicle Day is celebrated by ice cream and popsicle lovers. Children especially love celebrating this day.

When did National Creamsicle Day first start?

Unfortunately, we don't know when this day started but it's a great day for creamsicle lovers.

Who started National Creamsicle Day?

Creamsicle is a brand name of ice cream from the 'Good Humor' company in the USA. But people have accustomed to calling any flavored ice cream coated with fruit juices with a pop stick a creamsicle. No information is available on the founder of this day.

Creamsicles are frozen energy boosters for kids to grown-ups

History And Timeline

In 1872, a frozen fruit-flavored sweet treat with a stick was sold, named the 'Hokey-Pokey'. Let us explore the history and timeline behind creamsicles.


Creation Of Popsicles

Frank Epperson, a lemonade salesman from Oakland, California, discovered the popsicles when he accidentally forgot the blend of water and powdered lemonade along with a stick outside in the freezing snow.


Began Selling His Invention

Frank introduced his creation into the market and it created an outstanding response from the public.


Received Patent Rights

By this year, at the age of 29, Frank received patent rights for his ice popsicle creation.


Introduction Of Additional Flavors

Though the original popsicle was an orange juice flavored one, Frank later introduced and began selling seven fruit flavors at Neptune Beach, which was an amusement park in Alameda, California, where he named them as a 'drink on a stick' or a 'frozen lollipop'.


Patent Rights Sold

The patent rights of the popsicle brand were sold to the 'Joe Lowe Company' of New York City.

Traditions And Customs

No particular traditions and customs are followed to celebrate this special day, but it's a great excuse to have delicious creamsicles.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Creamsicle Day

You can learn a wide variety of creamsicle recipes from chefs around the world.

This day is a big opportunity to chow down a crazy amount of this frozen delicacy.

Learn one of the simple creamsicle recipes and surprise your family with fresh homemade ice cream.

Facts And Stats

  • National Creamsicle Day was, in a way, started by an 11 years old kid, Frank who invented this as a child.
  • People with diabetes can also celebrate this day as sugar-free creamsicles are also available.
  • Creamsicles are available in different variations of vanilla and orange flavor substitutions. Long Island Beach is famous for popsicles with more vanilla flavor than orange. In contrast, in Floridas's Plam Beach, you can enjoy popsicles with a large amount of orange and a small amount of vanilla flavor.

FAQs About National Creamsicle Day

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Who Invented The Concept Of Creamsicle Day?

When Is This Day Celebrated


August 14, 2020


August 14, 2021


August 14, 2022


August 14, 2023


August 14, 2024


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