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National Fried Clam Day

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Where is National Fried Clam Day celebrated?

National Fried Clam Day is celebrated on July 3 every year throughout the United States of America.

Who is National Fried Clam Day celebrated by?

All the American fast food and clam lovers celebrate this day wholeheartedly by indulging in different clam recipes.

When did National Fried Clam Day start?

Woodman submitted the registration for this day in May 2015. However, fried clams were prepared for the first time in 1916, on Main Street in Essex.

Who started National Fried Clam Day?

Lawrence Henry Woodman started National Fried Clam Day.

Woodman ran a moderate type of restaurant in Essex where he sold the fried clams.

History And Timelines

Some interesting facts on National Fried Clam Day are jotted down below, for your easy understanding of the importance of this day.

16200 BC

Evidence of Clam Dinner

Research from the caves of South Africa revealed that clams and shellfish were eaten by people in the early days.


First Clam Seaside Stand

Chubby, along with his wife Bessie, opened a seaside stand where they sold soft-shell clams and ice creams.


First Fried Clam Introduction

Bessie and Chubby first introduced fried clam in Essex.


Launch of a New Recipe

Sofforon Brothers Clam Company came up with a new recipe for fried clams, that made them even more popular in the US. They then sold the recipe to a leading American restaurant chain run by Howard Johnson.


Launch of Howard Johnson's Restaurant

Fried clams were further popularized by the launch of Johnson's restaurant in New Jersey, US.

Traditions And Customs

The popular tradition on Fried Clam Day is eating fried clams with tartar sauce. Many people visit the fine restaurant of Chubby Woodman in New England, Massachusetts. Since the following day is Independence Day in America, people go for trips in New England and explore fried clams from a wide array of restaurants.

Some food lovers also find the chef in themselves and hit the kitchen to make juicy fried clams. You can make a simple batter with a quarter cup of water, half cup of milk, and a half cup of flour, egg white, and a pinch of salt, in which you fry the soft shell clam. Many people remove the clam's neck before they pour oil into the pan.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Fried Clam Day

The best way to celebrate this day is by indulging in loads of fried clams from different food joints. You can also get a taste of this recipe from a local fisherman if you can find one who is an expert at frying clams.

Another way of celebrating this day is by visiting New England, which is known for its history of fried clams. New England also bears the birthplace of fried clams, which is the Woodman of Essex. This is the original fried clam joint opened by Chubby Woodman. This iconic food can also be tried at home. You can make deep-fried clams from soft shell clams or hard shell clams, boiling them first.

Facts And Stats

  • National Fried Clam Day was started due to the popularity of the fried clam. The first fried clams that became popular were first made on July 3, 1916, by Lawrence Henry Woodman in Essex, Massachusetts.
  • People all over the world, try different recipes on this day. There are different clam recipes for the different clam species such as soft-shell clams, deep-fried clams, hard shell clams, shucked clams, surf clams, manila clams, ocean quahogs, and certain species that can be hard-boiled as well.
  • In Massachusetts, Chubby and Bessie Woodman rolled up their sleeves, steamed and battered some clams, and are considered the actual reason behind the celebration of this day.

FAQs About National Fried Clam Day

Are fried clam strips good for you?

Excessive consumption of fried clam strips is not good for health because they contain more than 0.9 oz (26 g) of fat and 500 calories.

Are fried clams unhealthy?

If you deep fry clams, this makes them unhealthy to eat because of the excessive oil that can cause weight gain.

What are some assumptions we need to take while celebrating National Fried Clam Day?

Although there aren't any assumptions necessary to take while celebrating this day, one thing we must keep in mind is that clams if not properly cooked can be harmful to your health due to the presence of innumerable bacteria in these kinds of seafood.

Who discovered National Fried Clam Day?

Lawrence Henry Woodman created this day in the year 1916.

What are some benefits of National Fried Clam Day?

On this day, you can eat coated clams without any guilt. You can also get popular fried clams in several restaurants and food joints.

What do fast-food lovers say about National Fried Clam Day?

This day is an excuse for all fast-food lovers to indulge in unlimited fried clams.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 03, 2020 Friday
July 03, 2021 Saturday
July 03, 2022 Sunday
July 03, 2023 Monday
July 03, 2024 Wednesday

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