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National Get Funky Day

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Where is National Get Funky Day celebrated?

The day is observed all over the United States.

Who is National Get Funky Day celebrated by?

The day is observed by people who aspire to laugh, love, share and impart joy to the world in a humorous style.

When did National Get Funky Day first start?

Funkytown Fitness founded National Get Funky Day and it was first celebrated on October 5, 2017, to spread laughter and happiness all around.

Who started National Get Funky Day?

The national day was started by a fitness organization 'Funkytown Fitness.'

This is the day when members of the community happily come together to spread happiness.

History And Timeline

This particular day was launched by Funkytown Fitness, a fitness salon based in Florida. They believe in the potential of 'funk' to change the world. The Funkytown community came forth as a shining star to uniquely help the Hurricane Matthew victims.

Their proposition for the funky day was accepted and finally registered by National Day Calendar Registrar in 2017.


Origin Of funk

The music genre funk originated in African American communities in the mid-'60s when artists created a rhythmic, danceable unique form of music.


Make It Funky Booms

James Brown's 'Make it Funky' reveals the power of funk in this song.


Wild Cherry's Funky beats

A band, Wild Cherry, gets all Americans rocking to the song 'Play That Funky Music (White Boy).'


Funky Boss Goes Hit

Beastie Boys released 'Funky Boss' in New York, a funk music piece that shows Funk transcends color, creed, and race.


Bring In Da Noise- Bring In Da Funk!

George C. Wolfe joins tap dancer Savion Glover in this iconic song creating a milestone in African-American music history.

Traditions And Customs

This day was rolled out to encourage people to break out of their comfort zones and get themselves to do funky and exciting stuff. It aims to make the world a better, more positive, and happier place to celebrate life.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Get Funky Day

You can do something fun and different without worrying about what people think. Do what your good heart feels like on this day. You may throw a funky party for oldies and let them rock the dance floor to funky music or share funny posts on social media. On this day, get funky by sporting the most colorful clothes, groove to cheerful music, smile, laugh, let your hair down, high five, and hug friends and family. You can even host a party, assist a neighbor, spread joy, and have fun! On this day, step out of your everyday routine and get funky!

Celebrate your funk in your style!

Facts and Stats

  • Get Funky Day was established by Funkytown Fitness, a fitness center based in Florida. Funkytown Fitness has a funky vibe and gym equipment on the premises that people enjoy.
  • This day encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and make themselves and others happy.
  • Get Funky Day was first officially celebrated on October 5, 2017, in the USA.

FAQs About National Get Funky Day

Who started National Get Funky Day?

The day was started by a fitness center based in Florida, Funkytown Fitness.

What is the significance of National Get Funky Day?

The day encourages you to get funky and spread joy in a positive manner.

How do people celebrate National Get Funky Day?

People partake in several fun activities, dance to funky beats, post funky pictures of themselves, and go funky with their friends and family.

When is National Get Funky Day?

It falls on October 5, every year.

Why do people celebrate National Get Funky Day?

People celebrate this incredible day to acknowledge their potential in turning a new leaf in life and enjoy it freely.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 05, 2020 Monday
October 05, 2021 Tuesday
October 05, 2022 Wednesday
October 05, 2023 Thursday
October 05, 2024 Saturday

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