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National Get Up Day

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Where is National Get Up Day celebrated?

National Get Up Day is recognized annually on February 1 in the US The day is an opportunity to share inspiring stories.

Who is National Get Up Day celebrated by?

Get Up day was initially observed among the figure skaters all over the country. But, it applies to everyone who deals with the difficult aspect of life.

When did National Get Up Day first start?

The idea of the day was announced by an Olympic figure skating gold medalist during his appearance in the N.B.C. show.

Who started National Get Up Day?

The US figure skating committee created the Get-Up Day as a motivational campaign in 2016. The program-themed 'Get up is being fearless.'

Share your inspirational story for the Get-Up Day celebration.

History And Timeline

US figure skating created Get Up Day in 2017 to honor get-up stories in communities around the country and encourage others to bounce back.



Idea Of Get-Up Day

The US figure skating committee came up with the day to promote skaters' determination and strength.


Get Up Day Announced

Scott Hamilton, the Olympic figure skating gold medalist, announced the idea of Get-Up Day during his appearance on N.B.C.'s 'Today Show.'

February 1, 2017

Get Up Day At Olympics

National Get Up Day was inaugurated at the winter games in South Korea right before the 2018 Olympics.


Get Up Champion

A peer-to-peer campaign was introduced to embrace fellow skaters. For the 'Get Up Champion,' US figure skating members can nominate themselves or fellow skaters for the 2021 champion.


Fifth Anniversary

In 2021, National Get Up Day celebrated its fifth anniversary by launching a virtual event, where participants get to complete 3 mi (4.8 km) through a run, walk, roll, skate, or bike.

Traditions And Customs

Being created towards mental health awareness among U.S. figure skaters, it's the best day to go ice skating.

Inspire others to get up by posting on social media, reaching out to friends who need inspiration, debates on awareness topics, or scheduling an event; be sure to inspire those in your life to keep going.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Get Up Day

Even though we say failures are stepping stones, rarely does anyone celebrate them. On this day, share your moments, encourage someone, and tell them every time we fall, we get up and try again.

You can also ask people to share their inspirational stories. Besides, you can read a book, watch an interview, a documentary that symbolizes your inspiration.

Facts And Stats

  • The inaugural ceremony of Get-Up Day was launched at the 2018 Olympic winter games held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. To honor the day, all the countries were encouraged to share their get-up moments before the opening ceremony.
  • The skating committee introduced the 'Get Up Championship' for National Get Up Day 2021. The nominees are honored in a skating magazine and chosen as get-up ambassadors of 2021-22.
  • The day is observed to embody the idea that it is not about how you fall but how you get back up in hurdles of life.

FAQs About National Get Up Day

How do we celebrate National Get Up Day?

To celebrate the Get-Up Day, share knowledge or story that help brighten someone's day.

What organization came up with the idea of Get-Up Day?

Scott Hamilton, the Olympic figure skating gold medalist, announced the idea of Get-Up Day. The figure skating committee went along with the idea and implemented it.

What National Day was observed on February 1, 2021?

National Get Up Day is celebrated annually on February 1, 2021.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 01, 2021 Monday
February 01, 2022 Tuesday
February 01, 2023 Wednesday
February 01, 2024 Thursday
February 01, 2025 Saturday

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