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National Grammar Day

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Where is National Grammar Day celebrated?

The day is annually celebrated on March 4 in all parts of the US.

Who is National Grammar Day celebrated by?

It is a fun education day, so if you are fond of grammar or have ever learned grammar in any part of your life, then the day is for you to celebrate.

When did National Grammar Day first start?

The day was established on March 4, 2008, by the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG).

Who started National Grammar Day?

The day was started by Martha Brockenbrough, the author of 'Things That Make Us' and founder of SPOGG.

National Grammar Day is annually celebrated on March 4 in all parts of the US.

History And Timeline

Now that you have learned about the day, read more about grammar and its evolution.

Fifth Century

Sanskrit Grammar

The first systematic grammar was used in Sanskrit, but traditional grammar and the alphabetic system were developed much later by the early Greeks in 90 BC.


First English Grammar

A pamphlet on English grammar was introduced by William Bullokar in 1586 to demonstrate rule-bound English.


Bestselling English Grammarian

Robert Lowth's 'Short Introduction to English Grammar,' released in 1762, was the first best-selling English grammar. They helped develop the English grammar rules we are using today.


National Grammar Day

On March 4, 2008, Martha, author of 'Things That Make Us', founded the national day for grammar. She observed the day to help her students with their grammar in a lively and positive way.


Modern Grammar Evolution

'A Modern English Grammar' edition, written by Otto Jespersen and published in 1909, offered a renewed strength in grammar. The first volume presents the sounds and spellings in the Dutch tradition of writing English grammar.

Traditions And Customs

Grammar has been a part of everyone's life, so recognizing good grammar is very simple. Take a pledge to use verbally correct grammar, develop vocabulary, and finally use this day to teach kids how to learn grammar while doing something fun. Teach them the importance of language and ask them to explore different vocabulary in English.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Grammar Day

The best way to celebrate the day is to sit down with a good book, a magazine, a newspaper, or take an online quiz to test your language skills.

Correct punctuation can save a life. For example, 'Let's eat grandpa' and 'Let's eat, grandpa' are two sentences that have entirely different meanings. If you have children, take this opportunity to teach them the important role grammar plays in their everyday lives.

Organize a grammar party and fun games like Pictionary. And if you speak one or more languages, explore the differences in grammar.

Take this day to learn grammar lessons from SPOGG's blogs or buy their grammar geek shirt.

Facts And Stats

  • The Global Language Monitor states that there are more than 1 million words in English. Why not learn some new words on this National Grammar Day?
  • On March 4, ACES—The Society for Editors—conducts a poetry contest, and the winners are awarded a year-long membership.
  • Grammar rules have been permanently embedded in our brains. So, it's fun to go over every new word and grammar rule learned on this National Grammar Day, as this gives us a chance to cherish many great memories.
  • President George W. Bush sent an approval letter commemorating the day on the inaugural of a National Day for Grammar.

FAQs About National Grammar Day

What is the importance of celebrating National Grammar Day?

The day promotes awareness and understanding of proper grammar.

What are some of the benefits of celebrating National Grammar Day?

Celebrating the day increases curiosity toward learning and improving grammar and meeting like-minded people.

What similarities are there between National Grammar Day and UN English Language Day?

National Grammar Day encourages people to learn grammar in a fun way and pay attention to verbal and written grammar. And UN English Day celebrates cultural diversity and multilingualism in six official languages. Both days are related to languages.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 04, 2020 Wednesday
March 04, 2021 Thursday
March 04, 2022 Friday
March 04, 2023 Saturday
March 04, 2024 Monday

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