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National Insurance Awareness Day

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Where is National Insurance Awareness Day observed?  

National Insurance Awareness Day is observed each year in the United States of America.

Who is National Insurance Awareness Day observed by?

Insurance companies, agents, and financial experts observe National Insurance Awareness Day. However, people not related to insurance companies should also participate to increase their understanding.

When did National Insurance Awareness Day first start?

National Insurance Awareness Day is observed in each calendar year on June 28. The year when it was exactly initiated remains a mystery.

Who started National Insurance Awareness Day?

The origins of National Insurance Awareness Day are unknown.

A business may take group health insurance for its employees.

History And Timeline

Insurance comes in various forms and types. A thorough understanding of each type can not help in insurance planning but also get the best deal. The history of National Insurance Awareness Day may be unknown, but here is a look at how insurance coverage became an integral part of our lives!

4000-3000 BC

Bottomry Contracts

Bottomry contracts functioned as a type of insurance. In Babylon, merchants were offered a loan for business purposes, but there was a provision that the loan need not be repaid if the shipment was lost at sea.


Philadelphia Contributionship

Benjamin Franklin established the first insurance company in America. It was known as the Philadelphia Contributionship to save losses for people whose houses caught fire.


Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund

Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund was the first life insurance company founded in the American colonies.


The First Vehicle Insurance

In 1897, the first car insurance was sold by Travelers Insurance Company, expanding insurance companies to newer areas.


McCarran-Ferguson Act

Per the McCarran-Ferguson Act, insurance companies are no longer subject to federal law. The Act makes insurance companies liable to state law.

Traditions And Customs

National Insurance Awareness Day is observed annually on June 28. There are no specific traditions or customs to observe this day. The aim is to spread awareness.

Ways To Observe National Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance companies and their team members observe National Insurance Awareness Day. It is a great day to call your insurance agent and learn about different types of insurance. Check with them about your insurance policy and added features. You can also opt for another insurance policy on this day. Set an example in your family by getting home insurance or life insurance. Search on the internet and review your options by comparing rates before choosing the best insurance coverage for yourself.

Facts And Stats

  • This day also offers us to brush up on our knowledge of the history of insurance. We can discover facts like the supposed first insurance contract was signed in Genoa, Italy, in 1347.
  • On this day, the joining of the largest US state into the Union is observed as National Alaska Day!
  • The purpose of National Insurance Awareness Day is to raise awareness about insurance and its various pros.

FAQs About National Insurance Awareness Day

What month is National Insurance Month?

September is the National Insurance Awareness Month. The US Senate passed the resolution in July 2005.

How observing National Insurance Awareness Day can benefit families?

National Insurance Awareness Day serves as a reminder for families to save money in the long run by opting for life or home insurance for loved ones. This coverage will offer protection to the family members in an emergency.

How are insurance agents promoting National Insurance Awareness Day?

Insurance agents promote National Insurance Awareness Day by spreading awareness about insurance benefits. They help you search for the right insurance and review the available policies.

What are some cost-effective advantages of National Insurance Awareness Day?

Insurance companies may provide great deals or offers on their insurance plans on this day. You can check up with the insurance agent and save on the interest rates.

Who discovered National Insurance Awareness Day?

The origins and history of National Insurance Awareness Day observed on June 28 are unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 28, 2020 Sunday
June 28, 2021 Monday
June 28, 2022 Tuesday
June 28, 2023 Wednesday
June 28, 2024 Friday

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