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National Junk Food Day

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Where is National Junk Food Day celebrated?

National Junk Food Day is celebrated all over the United States.

Who is National Junk Food Day celebrated by?

National Junk Food Day is celebrated by Americans and, not to forget, by junk food lovers all around the world.

When did National Junk Food Day first start?

The beginning of National Junk Food Day is still unknown.

Who started National Junk Food Day?

The origin of this day is yet to be discovered.

Eat junk food and ice-cream sundae in your lunch on this special day.

History And Timeline

Junk food entered American culture with the introduction of packaged meals in the late 1800s. Even so, home-cooked dinners remained the norm for another few decades.


Food Serving Machine

Berlin-based Max Sielaff creates the first automat, a machine that serves simple food and beverages.


Automats and Fast meals

In New York City, Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart introduce an automat and, with it, fast meals.


King of Burgers

White Castle began its franchise when it opens its first fast-food hamburger stand in Wichita, Kansas.

1945 onward

Fast Food All Around

The calorie-rich industry eventually took off after WW II.


An unquenchable desire!

The first McDonald’s franchise is established.

Traditions And Customs

National Junk Food Day is there to make everybody forget about calorie counting. It is a day to enjoy different sweet and salty goodies, bake some cupcakes, make some cookies, pop some popcorn, and stock up on favorite sweets.

Cravings are intense feelings of desire for a specific food. Research has found that when we’re anxious, we’re more prone to crave sweets and cakes. While eating junk food isn’t the best approach to deal with stress all of the time, National Junk Food Day provides the perfect excuse.

Ways to Celebrate National Junk Food Day

Consume your preferred junk food. This is the simplest and most enjoyable way to celebrate National Junk Food Day. Do you have a craving for chips? Pie? Icecream Sundae? French fries? Chow down on everything your heart desires.

There is nothing better than getting to eat junk food with your pals. Invite a few friends over for a junk food potluck.

Facts And Stats

  • Celebrations for Junk Food Day are enjoyed across the US on July 21 every year.
  • The details and history of the founder of the day are unknown.
  • Different fast food chains offer great deals to commemorate this national day.

FAQs About National Junk Food Day

Is there a National Junk Food Day?

National Junk Food Day is celebrated every year on July 21.

National Junk Food Day is celebrated every year on July 21.

National Junk Food Day is the day to forget all about the idea of nutritional values of different foods and enjoy only the junk with sauce, cream, and extra cheese.

Why is Junk Food Day celebrated?

The day is to ignore all the health planners and enjoy the guilty pleasure of pizza, French fries, ice cream sundaes, and hamburgers with extra cheese.

What is the Significance of National Junk Food Day?

National Junk Food Day signifies that one important day when you’re finally free from all the bondage to have anything on your plate, in your mouth, and finally into your stomach. 

How do people celebrate National Junk Food Day?

People invite friends over and have a junk food buffet or spend time alone watching movies and eating junk foods.

In which countries do they follow National Junk Food Day?

National Junk Food Day is followed by people mainly in the United States. 

How many calories are there in Junk food?

The following are calories in 100 gm or 3.5 oz of:
Hamburger: 295 calories

French Fries: 312 calories

Pizza: 266 calories

Potato chips: 536 calories

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 21, 2020 Tuesday
July 21, 2021 Wednesday
July 21, 2022 Thursday
July 21, 2023 Friday
July 21, 2024 Sunday

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