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National Lineman Appreciation Day

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Who is Lineman Appreciation Day celebrated by?

People of America come together to celebrate this day for the dangerous job that our linemen do for us. However, the Lineman Appreciation Day is primarily observed by the linemen with their coworkers, friends, and family.

When did Lineman Appreciation Day first start?

April 18, 2012, was the first day when National Lineman Appreciation Day was celebrated.

Who started Lineman Appreciation Day?

Lineman Bill Bosch, Senator Johnny Isakson, and Senator Michael Bennet were responsible for shaping the National Lineman Bill, which went ahead to become the Lineman Appreciation Day on April 18 of every year.

The dedication required by the linemen to do their job is commendable

History And Timelines

It is known that the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy throughout the States was the triggering point that finally led to the formation of the Lineman Appreciation Day. Let us take a look at how history acts in the recognition of linemen and their efforts!


Beginning Of Lineman Work

The first requirement for linemen' work arrived when telegraph lines were set up on trees and poles to make long-form communications.


Formation Of Organizations

Being a dangerous job, the line workers come together to form labor organizations to vouch for the safety of the linemen.


Growing Demand For Linemen

With the increase in housing and communications, the service demands of linemen increased.


Hurricane Sandy

After the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy and the number of linemen work required to drive damage control, the 113th congress passed a bill on April 18 and commemorated this day as the National Lineman Appreciation Day. In 2013, the bill became law.


The American Lineman

The book titled 'The American Lineman' and subtitled 'Honoring The Evolution And Importance Of One Of The Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions' paints an accurate picture of the hard work done by a lineman in his job.

Traditions And Customs

People all around the United States of America come together to thank the linemen for ensuring public safety and looking after the minute problems. Social media hashtags including 'Thankalineman' are created, and donations are made in the names of linemen to recognize the daily jobs they do for us.

Ways To Celebrate Lineman Appreciation Day

You can send a postcard to the electrical lineworkers around your neighborhood. You can also make donations to their name. You can create a hashtag to spread awareness regarding the importance of their job.

Facts And Stats

After observing a lineman in southern Oklahoma, songwriter Jimmy Webb wrote a song titled 'Wichita Lineman' and used his reference to represent the picture of loneliness.

FAQs About National Lineman Appreciation Day

Is there a National Lineman Appreciation Day?

Yes, National Lineman Appreciation Day is celebrated on April 18 every year.

How do you thank a lineman?

You can make a donation to his name bu finding out the company that he works for.

What is the significance of lineman appreciation day?

Lineman Appreciation Day is vital to provide the deserved recognition that a lineman requires to do his job perfectly.

How is National Lineman Appreciation Day different from National Custodian Day?

National Lineman Appreciation Day is dedicated to lineworkers, whereas we celebrate National Custodian Day to acknowledge the contributions of the people working in institutes and schools.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

The work of a lineman is a dangerous job. Letting them know that they are appreciated and valued in society would motivate them to work hard and be satisfied that their job is not going unnoticed.

What is the history and origin of National Lineman Appreciation Day?

The trigger of forming a National Lineman Appreciation Day by the 113th congress was Hurricane Sandy and the damage it had caused throughout the country with the number of lives lost.

What is special about National Lineman Appreciation Day?

Lineman Appreciation Day is special because this day is made in the name of brave men working as line workers to ensure our daily life continues without a glitch.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 18, 2020 Saturday
April 18, 2021 Sunday
April 18, 2022 Monday
April 18, 2023 Tuesday
April 18, 2024 Thursday

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