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National Little Red Wagon Day

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Where is National Little Red Wagon Day celebrated?  

 This wonderful occasion is celebrated across the United States of America.

Who is National Little Red Wagon Day celebrated by?

 All children, and adults, are encouraged to join in on National Little Red Wagon Day.

When did National Little Red Wagon Day first start?

It was first founded in 2016.

Who started National Little Red Wagon Day?

Red Flyer, the largest manufacturer of wagons, introduced this day as a milestone for the 100th anniversary of their company.

Radio Flyer, after the initial popularity of their wagon, branched out into other toys like tricycles, ride-on, scooters, and bikes.

History And Timeline

This day was introduced by Radio Flyer, a toy-making company (that has gone through many name changes) set up by Antonio Pasin. Let's go through some timelines related to the red wagon now.


The First Wagon

Antonio Pasin, an Italian who moved to America, built the first-ever wagon for the purpose of carrying craftsmen's tools with ease.


Manufacturing Company

The Liberty Coaster company, named so after the Statue of Liberty in New York, was set up by Antonio Pasin and became the largest manufacturer of these wagons.


A Major Shift In Production

In 1927, the company, which had thus far produced wagons made of wood, now shifted entirely to mass-producing stamped steel wagons.


80th Anniversary

To celebrate the success and recognition they had gained over the years, Radio Flyer commissioned the building of the 'World's Largest Wagon,' in the style of the 45 ft (13.7 m) statue of the boy riding a red wagon at the 1933 Chicago World Fair.


Foundational Year

Finally, to mark their 100th Anniversary, the Radio Flyer company instituted this day as one for celebrating the little red wagon and all that it stands for across the states.

Traditions And Customs

Although there aren't any particular customs attached to this day, people can still celebrate in different ways!

Little Red Wagon Day is the perfect opportunity to bring out all those old toys that you store in the attic as you get older. You can repurpose them, donate them, hold a garage sale; the options are endless!

Don't forget to reach out to those childhood friends you lost touch with over the years. Is there a better way to catch up than to reminisce over memories of playing together?

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Little Red Wagon Day

If you or your child have a little red wagon in your past, then dust off the cobwebs, bring it out and take a picture with it for old times' sake!

Use this day to take a breather for yourself in these fast-paced times; spend some time with your children, spouse, even friends.

Celebrate the day by gathering old photos, videos, and toys! Share the precious stories behind them with your loved ones and form a new set of memories to bond over.

Facts And Stats

  • For their 80th anniversary, Radio Flyer celebrated the occasion by manufacturing the world's largest wagon. People visit the wagon even today on National Little Red Wagon Day.
  • As people share their photos from National Little Red Wagon Day on social media, Radio Flyer gives them a chance to win a $100 gift card.
  • The Chicago World Fair in 1933 was almost single-handedly responsible for skyrocketing the popularity of and demand for such wagons by displaying a boy enjoying a ride on a wagon, which encourages more kids to buy the red toy for themselves, especially on National Little Red Wagon Day.

FAQs About National Little Red Wagon Day

What is the purpose of National Little Red Wagon Day?

Little red wagons are a quintessentially American symbol of childhood, and this day aims to take everyone back to simpler days of fun and frolic by making them feel like a child again.

What were little red wagons called?

Little red wagons, also called Radio Flyer wagon, are named after the prominent company that manufactures them.

Why are wagons called flyers?

Wagons are called (Radio) flyers as a nod to the company that has been producing them for over 100 years.

What are some related days?

National Love Our Children Day or National Children's Craft Day are similar to National Little Red Wagon Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 25, 2020 Wednesday
March 31, 2021 Wednesday
March 30, 2022 Wednesday
March 29, 2023 Wednesday
March 27, 2024 Wednesday

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