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National Poultry Day

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Where is National Poultry Day celebrated?

In the United States, National Poultry Day is observed on March 19 annually, when people enjoy the eggs and meat of these birds.

Who is National Poultry Day celebrated by?

In the US, National Poultry Day is gaining more popularity among all those who enjoy the eggs and meat of a small animal like a chicken or a quail on March 19 every year. At present, chicken is more popular than beef in the US.

When did National Poultry Day first start?

In 1951, in the beautiful village of Versailles, situated in the heart of Ohio, the day began to be observed. It was declared a holiday and the popularity of the observance gained momentum as the years passed and consumption of meat and eggs from birds grew in popularity. 

Who started National Poultry Day?

The village of Versailles kicked off the celebrations on this day, which evolved from a one-day event to a weekend event. It’s been over 70 years since the day was incepted and the relevance continues with more zeal and spirit. Meat lovers celebrate rising egg and chicken consumption on this day as it contains lower cholesterol as compared to red meats.

History And Timeline

National Poultry Day has a fascinating history. Humble beginnings can make a great change, and the same goes for National Poultry Day. 

16th Century

Chicken In The US

It’s believed that the Europeans introduced chicken to the US in the 16th century. Slowly, American families began to raise small poultry farms.


Chicken Wins Industrial Status 

In 1923, there was a shift in poultry production from domestic consumption to industrial production. Cage systems were introduced for hens in California, and birds were housed for meat in Delaware. 


Vitamin D 

The discovery of the presence of vitamin D in chicken revolutionized the egg and meat industries. 


Spike In Chicken Consumption 

For the first time in years, the consumption of chicken beat the consumption of beef.


Affordable Protein

Not just resourceful, readily available, and easy to cook, chicken is widely sought as an affordable source of protein. 

National Poultry Day is the day to celebrate bird eggs and meat.

Traditions And Customs 

Apart from the interactive activities, games, and rides in the events, the traditions in the celebrations are obviously linked to the cuisine. 

The way the events evolved into grand parties, the food varieties served at the events have also evolved. From egg smorgasbord, turkey burgers, turkey and noodles, and deviled eggs, the dinings are now rich with barbequed chicken, chicken rolls, chips, salads, pickles, and so on. In 1974, the ‘Beer Tent’ was established. In 2014, on average, 1500 dinners were served in just an hour. With the inception of the heritage park in 1985, the traditions gained more enthusiasm from the villagers and tourists alike. 

The COVID pandemic is a huge blow to this tradition of celebration, which has been carried on for generations. 

Ways To Observe National Poultry Day

There are umpteen ways of celebrating National Poultry Day. Here are a few!

Now that you have already read about the grand event that is held every year in the village of Versailles, backpacking for the ‘Heritage Park’ would be the best experience of the year. That would not only be a trip, but a memorable experience to carry home. 

If you find it hard to devote time to a trip amidst a busy schedule, then you can organize events in your household or neighborhood for friends and family to gather and have fun. Bring in eggs and meat dishes and celebrate National Poultry Day at its best, or you can hold barbecue parties. Grill and party! 

You should even consider setting up a small poultry farm in your backyard. The chicken farm will promote the culture of animal husbandry and add to your protein-rich diet. 

If you haven’t tried new dishes like chicken bacon bites, turkey pot pies, chicken enchiladas, herb-roasted turkey breast, smothered pheasant, or easy pheasant casseroles, then you can try your hand at these yummy dishes and delight the family! 

Facts And Stats

In 1951, in the beautiful village of Versailles, situated in the heart of Ohio, the day began to be observed as a holiday.

From 1962 onwards, the day that was observed for a day got extended to a two-day event. 

From that, the significance escalated to weekend events in 1966, and in 1969, carnival rides began to be organized.

In 1972, the event was held for three days, from Friday to Sunday.

FAQs About National Poultry Day

What is the business-related significance of National Poultry Day?

National Poultry Day aims to boost the poultry industry. It encourages people to take up animal husbandry, support small and large industries dependent on it, and develop small poultry farms in their backyards. For many, it is an option for livelihood, and for others, it is an alternate source of income.

Who are some of the brand promoters for National Poultry Day?

Some brand promoters who forge collaborations are WATT Global Media and the National Chicken Council. 

What is the importance of National Poultry Day?

March 19 every year is observed as National Poultry Day in the United States. This is the day people enjoy fried chicken meat or meat from domestic birds like duck or quail.

When was National Poultry Day established?

This day was established in March 1951.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 19, 2020 Thursday
March 19, 2021 Friday
March 19, 2022 Saturday
March 19, 2023 Sunday
March 19, 2024 Tuesday

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