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National Puzzle Day

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Where is National Puzzle Day celebrated?

National Puzzle Day is celebrated in the United States and a few other countries. A puzzle party and many games are organized on January 29 of every year to celebrate this event.

Who is National Puzzle Day celebrated by?

National Puzzle Day is celebrated by all age groups. Puzzle games help the elderly keep their memories sharp and could be used as a tool for bonding as well. Celebrating National Puzzle Day by employees in offices and work spaces improves team communication skills as well.

When did National Puzzle Day first start?

Puzzle maker, speaker, and syndicated columnist Jodi Jill started National Puzzle Day in 2002. Jodi Jill used to create puzzles for classroom lesson plans.

Who started National Puzzle Day?

A games company in 1995 started International Puzzle Day in the United States of America, which is now celebrated on January 29 of every year.

Solving a crossword puzzle game with friends is a great way to celebrate this special occasion.

History And Timeline 

Did you know that John Spilsbury is credited with inventing the Jigsaw puzzle!

Here are some important aspects related to the history and timeline of National Puzzle Day:

2300 BC

Labyrinth Puzzles

In ancient Egypt, labyrinth drawing puzzles were extremely popular. It is believed that using a non-dominant hand to trace a labyrinth helps to create a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain.


Jigsaw Puzzle

Mapmaker John S. Pilsbury created the first-ever jigsaw puzzle. He engraved a map of the world on the wood and cut out each country.


National Puzzlers League

The National Puzzlers League was founded this year. It is a nonprofit organization that holds annual celebrations in July every year.


Puzzle Games

Puzzle games like crosswords, logic puzzles, word games, and sudoku became popular.


The Great Depression

Following the Great Depression, people switched to puzzle parties and puzzle games to find sanity in the hard times.


The National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day was celebrated for the first time in January by Jodi Jill.

Traditions And Customs

There is no particular way or tradition to celebrate National Puzzle Day. 

The first crossword puzzle was published in 1913 in ‘New York World’ newspaper. Soon, crosswords became the mass favorite choice of puzzle. 

Americans take their puzzle challenges seriously, and competitions have prizes worth thousands of dollars, which are usually organized on National Puzzle Day.

Ways To Observe And Celebrate National Puzzle Day 

This is a great opportunity to play word games and puzzles.

Join puzzle clubs to play games like crosswords, scrabble, Sudoku, and other logic puzzles.

Word search is a great game to enjoy on World Puzzle Day as it helps the brain develop various skills as well.

Escape rooms and scavenger hunts are modern games enjoyed by youth. Escape rooms are of various types, suitable for every age group, and they also encourage team building.

Invite friends to play word puzzles with you and give prizes to those who come up with the highest number of new words.

You can also play various puzzles and games on the various platforms available on the internet.

Facts And Stats 

  • National Puzzle Day has been celebrated across the US on January 29 since its inception in the year 2002.
  • On National Puzzle Day, several events and competitions are organized across the country.
  • Some historical records say that the history of puzzles can be traced long before human beings developed language to communicate. So it could be said that the origins of this national day go back thousands of years.

FAQs About National Puzzle Day

How do we celebrate National Puzzle Day?

This event is celebrated by playing puzzles and brain teasers.

What is National Puzzle Month?

January is National Puzzle Month.

Is January 29 a puzzle day?

National Puzzle Day is on Saturday, January 29.

What is puzzle of the day?

Puzzle of the day is the new puzzle that gets published in newspapers every day. It could be a sudoku or crossword-style puzzle.

Who created National Puzzle Day?

Jodi Jill created National Puzzle Day.

When is National Puzzle Day?

National Puzzle Day falls on January 29 every year.

How is celebrating National Puzzle Day good for kids?

Playing puzzles and brain teasers helps children learn good habits and strengthen their minds and brainpower.

Who funded National Puzzle Day initially?

It is not known who initially funded National Puzzle Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 29, 2020 Wednesday
January 29, 2021 Friday
January 29, 2022 Saturday
January 29, 2023 Sunday
January 29, 2024 Monday
January 29, 2025 Wednesday

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