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National Rainier Cherry Day

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Where is National Rainier Cherry Day celebrated? 

National Rainier Cherry Day is celebrated in the entire Washington State of the United States of America. 

Who is National Rainier Cherry Day celebrated by?

National Rainier Cherry Day is celebrated by all the farmers of Washington State. 

When did National Rainier Cherry Day first start?

The first National Rainier Cherry Day celebration is entirely unknown. However, farmers began the harvesting of juicy Rainier cherries in 1960. 

Who started National Rainier Cherry Day?

National Rainier Cherry Day was developed by Harry Fogle of Washington State University. 

Rainier cherry growers celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

History And Timeline

National Rainier Cherry Day recognizes the special Mt. Rainier red cherries. These cherries have thin skin, creamy yellow flesh with delicate skin, and are special temperamental crops that offer superior taste. 


Breeding Of The Rainier Cherry

In 1952, researcher Harold Fogle crossed two cherry varieties, the Bing and Van cherry, to create a unique cherry fruit with creamy yellow flesh that has high nutritional values and has a superior taste.


Commercial Production Of Rainier Cherries

In 1960, this cherry fruit got its final name from the great Mount Rainier in Washington State. Farmers started the production of these temperamental crops. In order to honor the production of this cherry fruit, Cherry Day was celebrated by all growers of Rainier cherries.

May 1960

Rainier Cherries Harvest Season

Rainier cherries enjoy a special cherry bloom stage or harvest season which is from May through to June.

July 11, 1960

Tree To Table Program

In observance of the National Rainier Cherry Day, the farmers of Northwest Cherries select a specific restaurant in every state to have their special Rainier cherry dish on the menu on July 11 every year.

Traditions And Customs

The special tradition or custom you can say that is followed by Rainier cherry growers is the Tree to Table program. Rainier cherry farmers select one specific restaurant in every state of the United States of America to feature a unique Rainier cherries dish on their menu on July 11. 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Rainier Cherry Day

 The best way you can celebrate or observe National Rainier Cherry Day or Mount Rainier Cherry Day is by purchasing these special and unique juicy Rainier cherries. You can use them for baking different dishes like pie, cake, cookies, and more. Besides that, you can also eat this wild cherry fruit fresh.

Facts And Stats

  • Rainier cherries belong to the Prunus family, and these cherries are actually the descendants of Prunus Avium, the wild cherry family. Share this interesting fact on Rainier cherries on this day!
  • You might also find special wines and cocktails that boast these special hydro-cooled cherries on this national day.
  • National Rainier Cherry Day shares its date with World Population Day.

FAQs About National Rainier Cherry Day

Are Rainier cherries only grown in Washington?

Washington State is the main area for growing Rainier cherries, but they are also grown in the fertile soil of Yakima Valley as well.

Who first discovered Rainier cherries?

Harry Fogle first discovered Rainier cherries.

How do people celebrate National Rainier Cherry Day?

People celebrate National Rainier Cherry Day by cooking different cherry fruit dishes, drinking wines, and making cordials.

When was National Rainier Cherry Day in 2021?

The National Rainier Cherry Day was celebrated on July 11, 2021, which was a Sunday.

What is the history & origins of National Rainier Cherry Day?

The history of Mount Rainier Cherry Day dates back to 1952 when Harry Fogle developed the Rainier cherry by cross-breeding the Bing and Van varieties. 

Who started National Rainier Cherry Day?

National Cherry Day was started by Harry Fogle. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 10, 2020 Friday
July 10, 2021 Saturday
July 10, 2022 Sunday
July 10, 2023 Monday
July 10, 2024 Wednesday

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