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National Raspberry Bombe Day

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Where is National Raspberry Bombe Day celebrated?  

National Raspberry Bombe Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Raspberry Bombe Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by the American people.

When did National Raspberry Bombe Day first start?

We do not know when the day originated.

Who started National Raspberry Bombe Day?

The person who created this holiday is unknown.

Raspberry bombe is a delicious dessert.

History And Timeline

Raspberries, summer fruits in the United States, are used in desserts, including French cuisine, where the bombe originated. The normal bombe recipe consists of ingredients like ice cream and sponge cake. The name 'bombe' was given to this dessert because of its shape, like a cannonball. The dish was popularized by Auguste Escoffier, from France, who added a custard layer.

18th Century

The First Bombe

The first bombe was invented by molding ice cream into a round shape.


Bombe Recipe First Seen

In the late 1880s, restaurants put bombe on their menus.

20th Century

First Cookbook To Feature Bombe

The first mention of the raspberry bombe dish in a book was printed in 'The Harvest of the Cold Months', a cookbook by Elizabeth David.


Different Bombe Recipes

More than 30 different bombe recipes were printed in the cookbook 'Le Guide Culinaire', written by Auguste Escoffier.


National Raspberries and Cream Day

National Raspberries and Cream Day was celebrated in Florida in 1983.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, people prepare their bombe dessert with candied fruit, or fresh or frozen raspberries, sugar, rum, heavy cream, and chopped nuts.

Ways To Celebrate National Raspberry Bombe Day

People can celebrate this day by preparing their raspberry bombe desserts at home by adding new ingredients and creating a new recipe.

People can also go to a restaurant and try the raspberry bombe dessert.

Facts And Stats

  •  Dessert is a French word.
  • National Raspberry Bombe Day is celebrated along with National Presidential Joke Day.
  • National Raspberry Bombe Day is celebrated in August to end the summer on a good note by enjoying desserts.

FAQs About National Raspberry Bombe Day

What day is Raspberry Day?

August 11 is celebrated as National Raspberry Bombe Day.

What is the significance of Raspberry Bombe Day?

People make their own Raspberry Bombe dessert and relish its taste.

Why do people love Raspberry Bombe Day?

People love it because it's a guilt-free day to indulge in a tasty dessert.

What is the history and origin of Raspberry Bombe Day?

The year and the person who discovered this day are unknown.

Who invented Raspberry Bombe?

The person who invented the Raspberry Bombe is unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 11, 2020 Tuesday
August 11, 2021 Wednesday
August 11, 2022 Thursday
August 11, 2023 Friday
August 11, 2024 Sunday

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