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National Red Mitten Day

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Where is National Red Mitten Day celebrated?  

National Red Mitten Day is celebrated every year in Canada on November 21, it is meant to encourage Canadian spirit in the Olympic games and amongst Olympic athletes. Canadians extended their support and affection for the Canadian Olympic team by wearing red mittens.

Who celebrates National Red Mitten Day?

Every November, Canadians extend their support and affection for the Canada team by raising funds and wearing red mittens all over the country.

The Canadians observe the Red Mitten Program to support Canadian Olympic participants. The mittens are available in all sizes, from infant to adult, so each Canadian can showcase his or her pride for their country.

When did National Red Mitten Day first start? 

The day first started on November 21, 2017. The Registrar of The National Day Calendar announced to celebrate the day annually to promote the Olympic values.

Who started National Red Mitten Day? 

Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) started National Red Mittens Day before the winter Olympics in 2010. However, the reason for choosing the day and details of the founder is unknown. 

The idea of red mittens with a maple leaf sewn on the palm and with Olympic rings on the back was selected from an entry contest for logos.

History And Timeline

The national day for red mittens was founded by Hudson's Bay Company to boost Canadians to exhibit their moral support for Canadian athletes, showcase their unity, and promote national pride in Canada by wearing red mittens produced by Hudson's Bay Company. The first red mittens were white and red with a big maple leaf, which is Canada's national symbol. HBC is a popular retailer, the company was the official outfitter for Canadian Olympic athletes during the past decade. The Olympic success of 2010 in Vancouver led to the formation of this day. One of the most popular pieces of apparel was the company's red mittens featuring a Canadian maple leaf!

17th Century

HBC Enters Apparel Business

Hudson's Bay Company started as a popular and general merchant retailer.


Beginning Of Summer Olympics

The inaugural Summer Olympics took place in Athens, Greece.


The First Winter Olympics

A winter multi-sport event known as Chamonix, was held in France in 1924.


HBC Becomes The Olympic Outfitters

HBC became the official outfit provider for Canadian athletes.


Souvenir Of Canadian Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver, was a great success for Canadians. Part of the fame was due to the red mittens, which later became an iconic apparel item!

Traditions And Customs 

After the success of the Vancouver Olympics, mittens with a Canadian maple leaf became the iconic symbol of Canadian pride. Funds raised from the sale of red mittens are donated towards the well-being of each Canadian athlete. As of now, the sale has raised above $30 million for the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Red mittens are still considered desired collectibles, they are a useful and colorful gift that also supports a noble cause.

Ways To Celebrate National Red Mitten Day 

Wear and show off your red mittens! Encourage family and friends to wear a pair to show their support for Canadian Olympians.

Purchase a pair of red mittens from any HBC outlet. Funds raised are contributed to the Canadian Olympic Fund).

Learn knitting (red mittens, of course) to display Canadian pride.

Share athletes' stories and thoughts about the day of red mittens and the Canadian Winter Olympics on social media.

Facts And Stats

  • Red Mittens Day on November 21, is not declared a national holiday and it is considered an unofficial fun holiday for Canada, intended for philanthropic purposes.
  • The goal of this day is to sell 25,000 red mittens to help strengthen the mental health of Canadian athletes in pursuing their dreams.
  • A portion of the fund raised from every pair of mittens purchased was used to provide elite coaching, sports medicine, nutrition, sports equipment, mental health support, and other resources for the world-class athletes' training environment.

FAQs About National Red Mitten Day

What is the significance of Red Mitten Day?

The day portrays the Olympic pride of Canadians and encourages every Canadian to wear red mittens to support athletes in preparation for the Olympics.

How is Red Mitten Day different from Discovery Day Canada?

Red Mitten Day represents excellence, generosity, and Canadian Olympic pride. In contrast, Discovery Day Canada has cultural and historical significance among Canadian people.

What is the history and origin of Red Mitten Day?

The day was started in 2009 in Vancouver, just before the Olympics in 2010, when the Hudson's Bay Company's red mittens made an impact among Canadians.

What is special about Red Mitten Day?

Each Canadian, from the newborn to the oldest family member, wears red mittens with pride and assists each athlete in pursuing their dreams.

Who founded Red Mitten Day?

The day of red mittens, was founded by the Hudson's Bay Company Foundation, a charitable arm of HBC.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 21, 2020 Saturday
November 21, 2021 Sunday
November 21, 2022 Monday
November 21, 2023 Tuesday
November 21, 2024 Thursday

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