National Root Canal Appreciation Day
May 10, 2023

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National Root Canal Appreciation Day is annually celebrated on the second Wednesday of every May.

Root canal procedures and root canal treatment aid in saving teeth by clearing them of infection and preventing cavities. The goal of this day is to educate people about this procedure and appreciate how dentists treat everyone's teeth.

The exterior of your tooth is hard, while the inside is soft, containing nerves and blood vessels. You may suffer significant pain if there is nerve damage. This infected tooth in this state is prone to falling out if it is not treated. The bone that surrounds the soon-to-be treated tooth may also be damaged.

The root canal technique entails the removal of the infected dental pulp, the filling of the tooth, and the crowning of the tooth. Pre-sterilized roots are essential for the process. Root canals help keep smiles healthy.

The GentleWave System offers a wide variety of sound waves inside the complicated architecture present within the tooth. Tissue dissolving is eight and ten times faster with the GentleWave System compared with ultrasonic instruments and needle irrigation, respectively. According to recent clinical research, only 3% of patients endure severe tooth pain after the procedure, and 97 % treated teeth with the GentleWave System recover successfully after 12 months.

Where is National Root Canal Appreciation Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Root Canal Appreciation Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by everyone in the US, particularly dentists and those who take dental health seriously.

When did National Root Canal Appreciation Day first start?

This day got its start in the most unexpected of ways. Dr. Chris Krammer founded the holiday in 2005.

Who started National Root Canal Appreciation Day?

The day was founded in 2005 by Dr. Chris Kammer.

GentleWave system has proved to reduce pain drastically.

History And Timeline

Are you ready for some history trivia related to the root canal procedure? Here you go!


Root Pulp Discovery

In 1728, French physician Pierre Fauchard discovered root pulp within each tooth. In the book, he wrote, 'Le Chirurgien Dentiste,' he described the whole concept.


First Venture

In 1766, the first documented attempt at root canal therapy was made. Robert Woofendale, an English dentist, brought over a procedure of treating pain that involved cauterization or burning the affected pulp to seal the tooth against infection.


New Era Of Endodontics

The American Association of Endodontics was founded in 1943, providing endodontics and root canal therapy considerable recognition as a viable treatment option for patients.


Improvement In Dentistry

Because of rotating nickel-titanium files and improved irrigating systems, root canal treatment became more manageable in the '90s.


Founding Of The Day

This day was first observed on May 11, 2005, by Dr. Chris Kammer, a well-known America's Favorite Rock'n'Roll Dentist; in 2004, he performed his own rap song, 'Get Out the Clean' at the Madison Mallards league field, to motivate 5,991 baseball fans to brush their teeth.

Traditions And Customs

Modern endodontics has made breakthroughs in innovation, like the GentleWave system, which has let people save their natural teeth. This day aims to counter the unfavorable opinions many people have of this root canal procedure.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Root Canal Appreciation Day

This holiday may be enjoyed by everyone who enjoys going to the dentist and caring for their oral health. Even if you don't, you may express gratitude to your dentists for their efforts. Send them a thank-you note with a gift attached.

If oral health interests you, please share information with your friends. Make it easy for endodontists all across the world to do their jobs. You and your doctor will both be grateful if you practice good oral hygiene.

Purchase a new toothbrush to replenish your supply of dental floss. If you're worried about your dental issues, call your dentist for individualized advice on how to avoid infection.

Facts And Stats

Root Canal Appreciation Day is celebrated widely as the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) estimates that 25 million root canal treatments are done each year. In fact, 41,000 root canal treatments are performed every day on average. This indicates that at least 287,000 treatments are performed each week, meaning many people have cause to appreciate them.

National Children's Dental Health Month and National Dentist Day are two more days related to Root Canal Appreciation Day.

The American Association of Endodontists' (AAE's) Save Your Tooth Month coincides with this day, providing a perfect opportunity for the endodontic community to highlight the importance of oral health.

FAQs About National Root Canal Appreciation Day

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When Is This Day Celebrated


May 13, 2020


May 12, 2021


May 11, 2022


May 10, 2023


May 12, 2024


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