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National SAN Architect Day

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Where is National SAN Architect Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated nationwide to honor the SAN professionals managing America's data.

Who is National SAN Architect Day celebrated by?

It's celebrated by people all across the United States to recognize the work done by SAN architects, including services related to data storage systems, infrastructure, network security, data breaches, financial resources associated with a project, and so on.

When did National SAN Architect Day first start?

It was first started in 2016 to promote the interests of SAN architects and raise public awareness of their business role.

Who started National SAN Architect Day?

This day was founded in 2016 by KCI, Inc., a storage area network support firm that works with some of America's major corporations and government agencies.

This day recognize professionals who help maintain America's IT infrastructure and data storage systems

History And Timeline

A storage area network is a system of interconnected hosts and storage devices that provides block-level storage to a SAN client, making it appear as if the storage is attached directly to the client. It's not accessible through the local area network (LAN). To date, this technology is one of the most widely used methods for managing an enterprise data center in all aspects of corporate life. In honor of this day, here is some history about the technology.


Fiber Channel Is Introduced

Fiber Channel was introduced in 1988 as a high-speed data transmission technology for connecting computer data storage to servers in storage area networks in commercial data centers. 


Storage Area Network Introduced

In the '90s, the Storage Area Network was introduced, which connected storage arrays via a network so that their resources could be shared and accessed by any server in the data center.


ESCON Is Released

With the release of ESCON, the industry's first SAN, IBM established the groundwork for storage area networks in 1991.


Common Information Model Published

In 1999, the Common Information Model (CIM), an open standard for managing storage systems and ensuring interoperability, was introduced.


National SAN Architect Day Established

In 2016, KCI, Inc. declared SAN Architect Day a national holiday in order to promote the interests of these professionals and raise public awareness of their services in business, corporate management, education, and government.

Traditions And Customs

SAN architects are the backbone of any storage infrastructure, designing, constructing, and managing the data center and dedicated systems that protect our data. With large companies struggling to store massive amounts of data, these professionals can help them manage the security of any sensitive enterprise information more effectively.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National SAN Architect Day

It's time to recognize and honor all the incredible SAN architects out there! These professionals play a critical role in data storage and management, and their work is crucial to ensuring the security of our IT infrastructure. Thank them for their contributions today, or give them a shout-out on social media with the hashtag #SANArchitectDay.

Facts And Stats

  • It's been six years since the first SAN Architect Day took place and we celebrate its sixth anniversary in 2022.
  • SAN Architect Day celebrates professionals who specialize in SAN architectures, which are expensive but more secure than other architectures since they have their own network and storage devices.
  • Celebrate this day by honoring all the incredible work SAN architects do.

FAQs About National SAN Architect Day

What is the importance of celebrating National SAN Architect Day?

It's important to express gratitude for their contributions to the SANs, key components of an enterprise data center.

How does celebrating National SAN Architect Day support architects?

It's a way to show our appreciation for all that these professionals do.

What are some events related to National SAN Architect Day?

World Backup Day and National Self Storage Day are other similar events.

What are some benefits of celebrating National SAN Architect Day?

It's a day to celebrate the hard work and dedication of SAN architects all around the world.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 03, 2020 Sunday
May 03, 2021 Monday
May 03, 2022 Tuesday
May 03, 2023 Wednesday
May 03, 2024 Friday

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