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National Stop Bullying Day

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Where is National Stop Bullying Day celebrated?

National Stop Bullying Day is celebrated across the US to deter bullies at schools and offer support to victims of bullying for creating a culture of well-being for every student.

Who is National Stop Bullying Day celebrated by?

Individuals in schools or colleges suffer from bullying as these platforms are the most where it happens. Hence, the teachers and victims observed this particular day to confront the bullies.

When did National Stop Bullying Day first start?

National Stop Bullying Day started in 2009 and is celebrated every year on the second Wednesday in the month of October.

Who started National Stop Bullying Day?

St. Stanislaus Kostka started National Stop Bullying Day to eliminate bullying.

Kids who are bullied from an early age are more prone to psychological trauma at later stages in life.

History And Timeline

Here are some essential aspects related to the history of National Stop Bullying Day: -


Bullying Research

The first bullying research was done by Dr. Olweus in 1970.


More events conducted

Anti-bullying events were conducted frequently.


STOMP created

The STOMP program was created to tackle cyberbullying.


Law passed

The federal law made abusing someone online a crime in 2006.


California Law

California passed the nation's first law against cyberbullying.

Traditions And Customs

Students wear orange colors to show fortitude with other students who have been tormented. Different awareness campaigns are organized across the schools to offer support to the students who have been bullied.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Stop Bullying Day

You can choose to attend a bullying awareness event on this day. Take the lead and report a bullying incident when you witness the situation.

Use #Stopbullyingday on social media and post about the importance of stopping bullying.

To celebrate this important day, you can also read about the history of bullying to form an educated opinion on this serious problem.

Facts And Stats

Different events are organized across the schools in the country to prevent the children from being bullied on this day.

National Stop Bullying Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday by children and teachers across the US.

National Stop Bullying Day will be celebrated on October 12, 2022, this year.

FAQs About National Stop Bullying Day

What is the significance of National Stop Bullying Day?

Bullying is a very harmful act that harms both people. The one who does it and has been practiced to stop this harm from spreading this day was conducted even more

What is the theme for Anti-Bullying Day 2022?

The theme for the anti-bullying day has not been announced yet. But it will obviously focus on creating awareness among the students.

Why do we wear blue for anti-bullying?

To promote the need to educate parents' young children about bullying.

What is an anti-bullying campaign?

Against harassing efforts, try to decrease examples of tormenting locally through a few procedures.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 14, 2020 Wednesday
October 13, 2021 Wednesday
October 12, 2022 Wednesday
October 11, 2023 Wednesday
October 09, 2024 Wednesday

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