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National Tape Measure Day

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Where is National Tape Measure Day celebrated?

National Tape Measure Day is celebrated primarily in the USA.

Who is National Tape Measure Day celebrated by?

Americans and a few other people who have heard about the history of this handy epic tool enthusiastically celebrate National Tape Measure Day.

When did National Tape Measure Day first start?

National Tape Measure Day's founding date is yet to be found.

Who started National Tape Measure Day?

There is no record of the founder of this event.

Tape measures are available in various forms for ultimate user convenience.

History And Timeline

The universally useful measuring tape is a tool many people have in their toolbox, but the requirement of this tool has not been recent. As people in ancient days started creating things, the need to verify the actual length of things increased—fortunately, James Chesterman, the creator of measuring tape, offered a solution in the shape of his invention. Although Englishman James Chesterman's design was excessively bulky, Alvin J. Fellows took inspiration and created steel measuring tape, which came across as a competent tool for accurate recorded measurements. Keep reading to learn more about the tapes from the pages of history. We are sure you will love it.

2650 BC

Recorded Measuring Tapes

The earliest recording of measuring tape roots back to 2650 BC.


James Chesterman Created Tape

A bulky measuring tape was created by James Chesterman.


Chesterman Tape Patent

James Chesterman took the patent for measuring tape.


Folding Ruler

Anton Ulrich created a folding ruler, another notable measuring device.


Spring Tape Measure Patent

Alwin J. Fellows, inspired by the Chesterman's design, created a spring tape measure and redeemed its patent.

Traditions And Customs

There is no particular tradition to celebrate National Tape Measure Day, but people try and enjoy the day by taking part in different fun activities related to measuring tapes.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Tape Measure Day

You, too, can celebrate National Tape Measure Day by buying a new measure tape or gifting one to a friend. Use measure tape to your heart's content on creating something new or sewing a brand new clothing piece; after all, the day demands you to use a measuring tape as much as you can. So, go ahead, unusually enjoy the unusual day!

Facts And Stats

A fun fact to know on this day is that the longest tape measure was created in the year 1956, which was 590.6 ft (180 m) long.

You can celebrate National Tape Measure Day by buying a measuring tape as they always come in handy!

You can even post it on social media channels like Instagram about this unusual day.

FAQs About National Tape Measure Day

How often are tape measures wrong?

Tape measures are created with utter precision; therefore, there are rare instances of tape measures being wrong.

Who invented the tape measure?

Alvin J. Fellows was the name behind the invention of a tape measure.

When is National Tape Measure Day?

National Tape Measure Day falls on July 14 of every year.

What is the significance of National Tape Measure Day?

National Tape Measure Day commemorates the day invention got an American patent back in the year 1868.

How do people celebrate National Tape Measure Day?

Look out for new variants of measuring tapes, replace old ones or gift a friend to celebrate the day.

Why do people celebrate National Tape Measure Day?

People celebrate National Tape Measure Day to recognize an important day for this invention, which simplifies life with its breakthrough design and easy usage.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 14, 2020 Tuesday
July 14, 2021 Wednesday
July 14, 2022 Thursday
July 14, 2023 Friday
July 14, 2024 Sunday

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