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National Toast Day

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Where is National Toast Day celebrated?

National Toast Day is primarily celebrated in the UK. This simple food is converted into a lavish spread with a variety of toppings and sides.

Who is National Toast Day celebrated by?

National Toast Day is celebrated by families and eateries in the UK but has gained popularity in the US and some other parts of the world as well.

When did National Toast Day first start?

The Tiptree World Bread Awards founded National Toast Day in the United Kingdom in 2014. It's celebrated on the last Thursday of February, every year.

Who started National Toast Day?

The Tiptree World Bread Awards, along with Brook Foods, started this day. The intention was to celebrate this simple yet cherished breakfast food.

Jam and butter on toast is a classic and popular topping.

History And Timeline

There's an interesting journey in how bread came to be toasted. 

500 BC

Beginning Of Toasted Bread

Toasting bread was initially a way to preserve the bread and make it last longer. Romans toasted flatbread on hot stones or on a direct fire, and it became famous in the Roman Empire.


Invention Of The Electric Toaster

Alan MacMasters founded the first electric toaster in Scotland. He named it the Eclipse Toaster. This device could only toast one side of the bread slice and had to be manually flipped over to toast the other side.


Durable Alloy In Toaster

General Electric introduced an electric toaster made from a specific alloy that kept the device from overheating when used repeatedly. Created by Frank Shailor, this electric toaster was quite a success at the time.


Automatic Pop-Up Toaster

A mechanic named Charles Strite got the patent for the easy-to-use automatic toaster. It was specially designed for use in restaurants.


Household Toasters With Timers

Waters-Genter of Minneapolis created an upgraded version of Strite's toaster. This was the first automatic toaster for household use that could toast both sides of the bread simultaneously. This device came with a built-in timer that would eject the toast after heating.

Traditions And Customs

In the UK, National Toast Day is celebrated with friends and family. People often host house parties with a selection of bread and toppings. In recent years, this day has gained traction on social media. People share their versions of toasted bread and celebrate in a light-hearted way. You can also convert your toasty dish in the form of edible art and take part in the National Toast Day contests.

Ways To Celebrate National Toast Day

If you have a favorite bread, National Toast Day is the perfect time to share this love with close ones. Invite your friends and family to a toast-themed party, be it breakfast or lunch. You can also host a potluck, where every member brings over their favorite bread or toast. 

You can relish a variety of toasted delicacies lined with popular topping choices such as butter, honey, jam, peanut butter, and cheese. Maybe even consider including the plain toast's more stylish cousin, French toast, in the party! It's a great way to toast the go-to item in your pantry and celebrate the history of this versatile dish.

Facts And Stats

  • The World Bread Awards host a contest on social media each year on National Toast Day to celebrate this dish.
  • All across the world, there are cafes that specialize in toast, and on this day, offer different types of toast at discounted prices to their customers because who doesn't love toast?
  • In honor of this day, many cafes also host a fun 'all-day breakfast' day where they serve toast and items made with toast to all their customers throughout the day.
  • Burnt Toast Cafe, a cafe in London, has an individual toaster on each table, so if throughout the day, any customer is unhappy with their toast, they can reheat it or make one for themselves and enjoy it. Many Londoners and visiting tourists like to visit the cafe on this day.

FAQs About National Toast Day

What is the importance of National Toast Day?

National Toast Day is celebrated to express appreciation for the classic toasted bread which forms the basis for many delectable, wholesome dishes.

How do families celebrate National Toast Day?

Families celebrate by making and eating toast at home or by hosting in-house parties with a variety of toasted dishes.

Who initiated National Toast Day?

The Tiptree World Bread Awards announced the National Toast Day.

When did National Toast Day first take place?

National Toast Day was first celebrated on February 27, 2014.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 26, 2020 Wednesday
February 24, 2021 Wednesday
February 23, 2022 Wednesday
February 22, 2023 Wednesday
February 28, 2024 Wednesday

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