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National Wiffle Ball Day

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Where is National Wiffle Ball Day celebrated?  

National Wiffle Ball Day is celebrated as America's beloved backyard game by people of all ages throughout the country.

Who is National Wiffle Ball Day celebrated by?

National Wiffle Ball Day is a fun-filled day for family and friends all throughout the country as they enjoy a game of Wiffle ball.

When did National Wiffle Ball Day first start?

The origins of National Wiffle Ball Day are unknown, but it is held on August 14 every year.

Who started National Wiffle Ball Day?

Although there is no record about the founder of National Wiffle Ball Day, the Wiffle ball itself was the brainchild of David Mullany, who got the inspiration from his son.

National Wiffle Ball Day is all about having fun, so don't be afraid to goof around, create teams, and play some games.

History And Timeline

Several versions of baseball have been played for decades, including stickball, which was improvised by children using things like socks or tennis balls. The Wiffle Ball was created to compete with baseball, stickball, and softball to play in streets and backyards. It gradually crept into the mainstream of American culture over the years. Even those who don't like baseball have had a go at this iconic sport on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Learn more about its origins below.


Wiffle Ball Invented

In 1953, David N. Mullany invented a ball that curved effortlessly for his 12-year-old son at his house in Fairfield, Connecticut.


Wiffle Ball Patented

In 1954, Mullany filed for a patent, which was issued in 1957 under the name 'Game Ball.'


Wiffle Ball Factory Launched

A manufacturing facility of Wiffle balls was established in Shelton, Connecticut, in 1959.


World Wiffle Ball Championship

Jim Bottorff and Larry Grau founded the World Wiffle Ball Championship in Mishawaka, Indiana in 1980.

Traditions And Customs

The Wiffle ball, which is light and easy to pitch, allowed American kids to play baseball without fear of injury or a shattered window. It replaced a number of traditional summer sports as the game of choice. In the last decades, it has also exploded in popularity among adults, serving as a nostalgic reminder of youth, an outlet for fierce competitive spirit, and a favorite pastime all rolled into one!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Wiffle Ball Day

Bring out the kid in you on National Wiffle Ball Day, and spend it playing Wiffle ball in your backyard or on the street. Join a Wiffle Ball Championship or league near you, create an event yourself, or invite your team of friends over for a Sunday game. Don't forget to share photos and videos of your favorite pitches and moments online!

Facts And Stats

  • National Wiffle Ball Day celebrates the toy that was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2017.
  • In addition to celebrating National Wiffle Ball Day, marine biologists regularly use it as a size reference when measuring corals and other items in science.
  • On this day you can create an improvised game with a Wiffle ball and can play it with your friends.

FAQs About National Wiffle Ball Day

When Is National Wiffle Ball Day?

National Wiffle Ball Day falls on August 14 annually.

What are the limitations in celebrating National Wiffle Ball Day?

One limitation is that Wiffle balls cannot be thrown or hit long distances farther.

What is the importance of celebrating National Wiffle Ball Day?

It's a fantastic game for being competitive while also having a great time.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Wiffle Ball Day?

National Wiffle Ball Day celebrates a beloved Sunday game that is full of energy and excitement.

Does every country celebrate National Wiffle Ball Day?

Being widely popular, fans from other countries, such as Spain, enjoy the game as well.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 14, 2020 Friday
August 14, 2021 Saturday
August 14, 2022 Sunday
August 14, 2023 Monday
August 14, 2024 Wednesday

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