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Prepareathon Day

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Where is National Prepareathon Day observed?

National Prepareathon Day is observed exclusively in the United States of America since 2014 to let citizens prepare for emergencies.

Who is National Prepareathon Day observed by?

National Prepareathon Day is formally observed by most people in the United States of America. Demonstrations, breakout sessions, drills, and exercises can be used by citizens, businesses, and community groups to prepare for certain natural calamities that may affect them. 

The movement enables members to realize which catastrophes are likely to strike their community, what they can do to stay vigilant and prevent loss of life and property, how they may improve their readiness, and how they can maintain community stability through calamities.

When did National Prepareathon Day first start?

National Prepareathon Day was conceived at the White House in 2014 when President Barack Obama called for the first-ever National Prepareathon Day. It became a vital aspect of former US President Barack Obama's approach to emergencies.

Who started National Prepareathon Day?

America's Prepareathon Day is one of the forenamed US President Barack Obama's preparedness event offerings. So this initiative can be credited to the Obama administration during 2014.

National Prepareathon Day helps you be prepared when under a threat or in an emergency

History And Timeline

The day launched in 2014 played a key role in former US president Barack Obama's preparedness initiative as America's prepareathon became official.


First National Prepareathon Day

The White House announced the first National Prepareathon Day under the Barack Obama Presidency. The date of the event was set to be April 30 for all the coming years.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA sent out an individual and community preparedness brief.


New CDC Guidelines

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC recommended additional items to add to the preparedness kit.

Traditions And Customs

Various departments and organizations that help manage natural disasters help people out during this day by providing citizens, companies, and communities with knowledge through responses, demonstrations, breakout sessions, and exercises. 

Ways To Observe National Prepareathon Day

You have ample options to observe this day with your family and community.

Acknowledging and applauding emergency personnel is one way to do this. The most significant way to commemorate National Prepareathon Day is to thank and honor all rescue workers working during disasters, emphasizing those deeply engaged in assisting people throughout a disaster. This will help guarantee their actions are recognized and appropriately appreciated. 

Social media activity is another way you can observe this day and spread awareness. Posting on social media to commemorate the occasion can reach a large crowd and help teach about specific hazards and emergency situations.

Facts And Stats

  • National Prepareathon Day helps increase citizens' preparedness levels and cultivates their perseverance against emergencies and disasters as a grassroots campaign. 
  • National Prepareathon Day reminds you and your family members that crises occur when you least expect them, so you should always be prepared for an emergency.
  • The event has a different theme each year; the theme for 2021 was 'Prepare to Protect' and revolved around protecting your loved ones.

FAQs About Prepareathon Day

What is the importance of celebrating National Prepareathon Day?

This preparedness day provides the public with resources to help them plan safety procedures for their businesses, families, and schools for disasters and other emergencies.

Why do we celebrate National Prepareathon Day?

This holiday aims to help people prepare for possible catastrophes and emergencies.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 30, 2020 Thursday
April 30, 2021 Friday
April 30, 2022 Saturday
April 30, 2023 Sunday
April 30, 2024 Tuesday

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