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Record Store Day

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Where is Record Store Day celebrated?

Record Store Day is celebrated in the United States. But music lovers and official organizers also conduct this day in Japan, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Mexico, where many people take part in the celebrations.

Who is Record Store Day celebrated by?

Record Store Day is celebrated by independent record stores, fans, and artists who love to create music and have a passion for songs.

When did Record Store Day first start?

Record Store Day first began in the year 2007 in the United States.

Who started Record Store Day?

Record Store Day was started by Eric Levin and Michael Kurtz primarily. Others accompanied them for their concept of record store day.

History And Timeline

Record Store Day is also celebrated to raise funds for the community and NGOs, promote aspiring artists and issue special vinyl for music lovers. Each record store in the US will have its way of celebrating this event. The record store knows the community and the vibe of the place. Therefore, they play songs and albums that will attract the audience.


Record Players Released

Record players were released amongst the masses for the first time.


The Breakthrough Idea

Chris Brown and Eric Levin celebrated a free comic book day. This led to a brainstorming session during a meeting held by the independent record stores. The idea was to celebrate Record Store Day at independent stores in Baltimore, Maryland. Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Amy Dorfman, Carrie Colliton, and Brian Poehner were thinking minds.


The Actual Celebration

There were thousands of recordings played by stores with hundreds of artists who made special appearances. Meet and greet artists and fans, and vinyl sales and CD releases are part of the Record Store Day celebration.

2007 onwards

Record Store Day Celebrations

The event was organized differently in different places. It faced slight criticism in the UK. People in the UK think that the organizers cater to the needs of record collectors rather than music fans. The stores also delayed the release of non-affiliated record albums and records. This leads to a monopoly among the record-pressing plants.

21st Century

The Controversies Galore

Selected music labels continue to release a particular record only. They are even accused of hijacking the event. The record stores sell vinyl and records on a no-return basis, heavily criticized. Since limited releases are being sold on this day, stores resell them online at higher prices and earn profits.

An awareness of the value of independent record stores is generated due to such a celebration.

Traditions And Customs

The Department of Record Stores formally manages record Store Day daily. They are assisted by the Alliance of Independent Media Stores and the Coalition of Independent Music Stores. These organizers who decide the day of the event's celebration maintain a website and social media updates. They declare the days and promotional events throughout the year. Marketing campaigns and digital vinyl sales are also held throughout the year. Different personal events are also organized across the USA, where people gather to celebrate this incredible day.

Ways To Celebrate Record Store Day

There are several shops and record stores that participate in this event. The organizers of Record Store Day's first release date in April is declared as Record Store Day. Then they select a few record stores and hand them a list of releases to be played on a record store day. The independent record stores then play the specific records, and the people standing outside the record store enjoy this divine music treat on this day. Almost everyone celebrates record Store Day. So make sure you join the community by posting about it on social media and not forget to use the hashtags.

Facts And Stats

  • According to the sales manager of Universal Music, Record Store Day is one of the best things to happen for independent store owners.
  • Indeed, the day has set new records for vinyl sales. In 2013, the US recorded a huge number of vinyl sales. In 2014, physical album sales recorded the highest percentage among independent retailers. This sale credit is owed to the record store day celebration.
  • In 2015, Record Store Day got its 'Marketplace Ally' award from the American Association of Independent Music. After Sound Scan was introduced in 2016, there were record-breaking sales of vinyl LP format for an entire week.

FAQs About Record Store Day

What is Record Store Drop Day?

Record store drop Day is a national event celebrated annually in the United States. On this day, it is to honor independent record stores and visit your local record store to listen to your favorite albums.

How early should I line up for Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is widely popular across the entire nation. Therefore, find the nearest independent record store and get in line as soon as you can. A few minutes before the record store opens would be great. You better stand in line a couple of hours earlier if you have many music lovers in the vicinity and might have a mini-concert while standing in line.

Is Record Store Day legit?

Yes, Record Store Day is legit the best time of the year for those who love music. Artists can meet their audience, and fans can enjoy listening to their favorite albums with their loved ones. This event brings together the vinyl community, album lovers, and contemporary music fans on a single platform.

When is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is celebrated on a date declared by the organizers to fall on the first Saturday of every April.

What is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day is celebrated by independent record store owners. On this day, people line up at their nearest record store to listen to the playlist of music and albums and meet their favorite artists.

Why is Record Store Day celebrated?

Record Store Day is celebrated to realize the value of independent record store owners and listen to the vinyl and albums of special music by lesser-known and forgotten artists.

Who came up with the idea of celebrating Record Store Day?

Eric Levin came up with the idea of Record Store Day during a brainstorming session with independent record store owners. Record Store Day is celebrated on a Saturday every April. The organizers declare the date beforehand and release it by the record stores participating.

When was the first time Record Store Day was celebrated?

Record Store Day was first celebrated in 2007.

Is it a federal holiday?

No, Record Store Day is not a federal holiday. It is a separate day declared by the organizers in the first month of every year.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 18, 2020 Saturday
April 22, 2021 Thursday
April 23, 2022 Saturday
April 15, 2023 Saturday
April 20, 2024 Saturday

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