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Reel Film Day

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Where is Reel Film Day celebrated?  

The day is celebrated in the US to commemorate the great revolutionary period of 35mm film in the movie industry.

Who is Reel Film Day celebrated by?

The day is celebrated by anyone who enjoys films. Movie fans enjoy watching events on television or attending public open shows, cinephiles watch their favorite classics and discover the fun insights with their friends.

When did Reel Film Day first start?

The first Reel Film Day was announced in 2017, and it is celebrated annually on March 5.

Who started Reel Film Day?

The Alamo Draft House and Kodak started the first-ever Reel Film Day. An array of beautiful timeless classics are displayed on 35 mm films during this day.

History And Timeline

Countless people have given valuable contributions to the production and invention of 35 mm film, ranging from technicians to filmmakers. The first person is Thomas Edison, the inventor of the projector and the camera capable of shooting film on. As the projector and camera of Edison had a width of 35 mm, they needed films with a similar width. Founder of the Eastman Kodak Company (known as Kotak's), George Eastman produced the film, which eventually was used to make movies. Kodak supplies film reels, which are used for movies to date.



Pioneers In Film Making

The first moving picture was shown through the Bioscope in Berlin, and the Lumiere brothers invented a filming system.


First Woman Director

Alice Guy was the first woman to direct a movie. 'The Fairy Of The Cabbages' was the first film with a narrative!


The Era Of Long Movies

The first 60-minute film, 'The Story of the Kelly Gang' was released in Australia.


Birth Of Hollywood

The earliest Hollywood studio was opened on Sunset Boulevard.


Hollywood Celebrates Golden Age

American cinema's characteristic technical and narrative style defined the Golden Age of Hollywood.

A film reel is used to record motion, one photo at a time, in different frames and the collection of frames forms a film strip that is used for projection in a theater.

Traditions And Customs

Film making is a combination of art and engineering to produce the best entertainment. Reel Film Day is observed to remember the spectacular achievements of technicians behind film screenings. Cinephiles love this big day of entertainment as it is a perfect excuse to become excited about their favorite film stars, movies, characters, and other trivia.

Ways To Celebrate Reel Film Day

Celebrate Reel Film Day by watching 35mm film screenings. Did you know 'Wonder Woman' and 'Interstellar' are 35 mm movies?

Watch a classic if you are not able to find a 35mm film, after all, it is the day of celebrating movies!

Attend an event at a local theater. Sometimes independent theaters host various events, like showing movies shot on film the entire day.

Facts And Stats

  • The day is observed by film screenings and social events organized by cinemas across the US.
  • On Reel Film Day, events like trailer launches, movie releases, parties, and many other related social functions occur in the American film industry.
  • Reel Film Day showcases the beautiful art shot on film and helps you to enjoy the glorious history of 35mm film.

FAQs About Reel Film Day

What is the significance of Reel Film Day?

On March 5th, film-lovers celebrate the creation of films by enjoying the richness and depth only reels can portray. Reel Film Day is the celebration of a 35mm film that has shaped history.

How is Reel Film Day different from Drive-In Movie Day?

Reel Film Day commemorates the movies that were shot on film reels. In contrast, Drive-In Movie Day honors the tradition of watching movies in vehicles or on the grass.

Are film reels still used?

Film reels are used today, even though digital filming has overtaken them. Every year, many movies are shot on films for many reasons, like efficiency, nostalgia, simplicity, and of course the look of it!

What is a two-reeler film?

It is a short silent movie, approximately 20 minutes in duration. The term typically refers to comedy.

How long is a two-reel movie?

A two-reel movie is 15-24 minutes long. It was once believed that viewers could not appreciate a movie longer than that period.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 04, 2020 Wednesday
March 04, 2021 Thursday
March 04, 2022 Friday
March 04, 2023 Saturday
March 04, 2024 Monday

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