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Take Your Child To Work Day

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Where is Take Your Child To Work Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated across Canada and the United States to familiarize your kids with your careers.

Who is Take Your Child To Work Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by the employees of all organizations who wish to show their careers to their children and introduce them to their colleagues.

When did Take Your Child To Work Day first start?

This unofficial national holiday first started on April 22, 1993.

Who started Take Your Child To Work Day?

The Ms. Foundation for women first observed this day to let your kids know about your work resources.

Learning the working of the real world from days like taking your child to the workplace can teach children practical knowledge through fun ways.

History And Timeline

Before being called Take Your Child To Work Day, this day was known as Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day. The reason to start this day was to familiarize small girls with their parents' kind of work and the kind of workforce the place has. This day was slowly extended to include the boys and became a popular educational program in Canada and the United States.


Founding The Ms. Foundation For Women

The founding institution of Take Your Child To Work Day was founded in the year 1972 by four women.


The Day To Celebrate Taking Daughters To See Parent's Job

New York city's Ms. Foundation for Women founded the Take Our Daughters to Work Day.


First Celebration Of Taking Our Kids To Work Day

This day was first celebrated in 1993.


Inclusion Of Boys

Apart from daughters, even sons are included in the day's celebration.


Celebration By 3.5 Million Businesses

Close to 3.5 million workplaces celebrated Take Your Child To Work Day in 2018.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions to be followed on this day, but bringing one's children to this annual event that's celebrated in Canada and the United States for a day would be a great idea for fun learning.

Employees are encouraged to bring their child to work on this day, but if they don't have a child, they are always welcome to get their nephew, niece, a friend's child, or get the child of a family member to their job on that day.

Talk to the school teachers at your child's school to get permission for taking them to your job that day as they would be marked absent otherwise.

Ways To Celebrate Take Your Child To Work Day

To celebrate your kids' visit to your workplace, you could always plan out a day full of surprises for your kids. Let your child know appropriate workplace etiquette and how to dress for the workplace if they are a teenager. Try to ask your child what they would like to see and expect for the day at your office.

You could also use the popular hashtag #TakeOurChildrenToWorkDay to show the world what you and your child were up to, what they got to know, and how this day is a great way to initiate conversations about hard work and a promising career with them.

You could also try to talk to other parents and make a schedule with them at your workplace. An excellent way to do so could also be to carpool with other parents' kids or other neighbors' children who might be interested in celebrating this day.

Older kids would preferably like some fun trivia games, so try arranging for a company-themed scavenger hunt, which would also make them feel good and hone their skills for having good business acumen.

Facts And Stats

Andy Teach, the author of From Graduation to Corpor, strongly recommends that talking with one's kids before going to work is suitable for a healthy relationship with children. Spread such awareness on social media on this day.

The Foundation for Women began the Take Our Daughters to Work Day in 1993. Since then, the program has been inclusive of sons too. And it is believed to be the precursor of Take Your Child To Work Day.

As more and more people began allowing both boys and girls to participate in this day, the name was renamed Take Our Children to Work Day.

FAQs About Take Your Child To Work Day

Is Take Your Child To Work Day an excused absence?

No, it is not, as this day is not a national day.

What day is National Take Your Child To Work Day?

The fourth Thursday of April is declared as National Take Your Child To Work Day.

What is the purpose of Bring Your Child to Work Day?

This day aims to make children aware of what their parents do in a professional job.

Can you legally take your child to work?

There is no such mention of this anywhere.

Is Take Your Child To Work Day still relevant?

Yes, it is, as it's good practice to let kids know which field their parents are working in.

What is Take Your Child To Work Day?

This day aims to take kids to their parent's workplace to get them acquainted with what their parents do to earn a living.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 22, 2020 Wednesday
April 21, 2021 Wednesday
April 27, 2022 Wednesday
April 26, 2023 Wednesday
April 24, 2024 Wednesday

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