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Ten-Four Day

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Where is Ten-Four Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is Ten-Four Day celebrated by?

 This day is celebrated by the CB radio community.

When did Ten-Four Day first start?

This day was started on October 4, 1978.

Who started Ten-Four Day?

This day was started by President Jimmy Carter.

Radio operators use the code ten-four to signify the message is received.

History And Timeline

Ten-four is one of the ten codes or radio signals invented by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO). It is an affirmative signal used for indicating.



Creation Of Ten Codes

The Illinois state police communications director Charles Hopper created the ten codes between 1937 and 1940 for usage among cops through CB radios.


The Beginning Of Era

The introduction of codes using radio technology to signal was relatively limited to begin with. Because of the availability of police radio channels being limited, many police officers couldn't stay on the line for a long time.


The Television Crime Drama

Helping the police codes ten-four become part of popular culture at the time was the introduction of successful crime drama, 'Highway Patrol'. The television show starred Broderick Crawford, who regularly used radio technology and began his conversations with 'ten-four'.


The Spread Of Culture

To further popularize the affirmative expression of 'ten four' in mainstream culture, the term 'ten-four' featured in one song of C.W McCall's called 'Convoy'. He used CB radios and called out 'ten-four' as slang used by the truckers.


The Movie 'Convoy'

A film 'Convoy' was released as a follow-up to the hit song, featuring the same topic as the popular song. 

Traditions And Custom

There are no particular traditions or customs followed on this day, but celebrating this day is a way of respecting and honoring the work ethics and hard work of police departments.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Ten Four Day

Watch the television show 'Blue Bloods' or 'Highway Patrol'.

Try to learn or speak using CB slang instead of plain language on this day, exploring APCO Ten signals.

Purchase a CB radio and listen to songs that have ten-four lyrics incorporated into them.

Use the term 'ten four' while responding in the affirmative.

Facts And Stats

  • The ten is used to hold space and give the motor-generator enough time to speed up the motor to hear the second half of the code.
  • Four in the second half of the code means acknowledgment for the message.
  • These pocket codes were instantly adopted by others communicating through radio, like truck drivers, CB (citizen band), and radio enthusiasts.

FAQs About Ten-Four Day

What is the opposite of ten-four?

The opposite of ten-four is no.

What does ten-four mean, and why?

Ten-four is a code used in radio communications for saying message received.

Why do we celebrate Ten-Four Day?

This day is celebrated to salute the radio operators who use citizens band radio (CB radio users) and frequently use ten four codes.

When was the radio invented?

In 1890, Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, put forward the idea of the radio or the wireless telegraph. Later around 1895, his ideas were executed, and he sent a wireless morse code message about 0.5 m (0.80 km) away.

Why is it called this?

The reason for the declaration is unknown.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 04, 2020 Sunday
October 04, 2021 Monday
October 04, 2022 Tuesday
October 04, 2023 Wednesday
October 04, 2024 Friday

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