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Tim Tam Day

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Where is Tim Tam Day celebrated?

Tim Tam Day is celebrated in Australia.

Who is Tim Tam Day celebrated by?

 Tim Tam Day is celebrated by anyone and everyone who loves to eat Tim Tams.

When did Tim Tam Day first start?

The first date of this event is unknown but Tim Tams were first produced by Arnott's in 1964.

Who started Tim Tam Day?

It is unknown who started the day. However, Ian Norris developed these tasty treats for Arnott's after enjoying the similar Penguin bar in the U.K.

The chocolate flavor in a Tim Tam makes it flavorful.

History And Timeline

Read on to learn more historical facts about this day and why it is celebrated. 


Inspiration For The Biscuit

Norris was inspired by the biscuit Penguin in the U.K., as part of a worldwide trip to discover interesting snacks.


Launch Of Tim Tam

Norris launched the cookie in the '6os and it was an instant hit.


Importing Of Cookies

Pepperidge farm, a sister company of Arnott's, imported the cookies to the U.S.


$37m Investment In Tim Tam

The Tim Tam manufacturing unit in Brisbane invested a whopping $37m amount in the production line.


Soup Company Acquires Arnott's

Arnott's was bought by Campbell Soup, an American company.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions or customs observed on this day, but to have a traditional Tim Tam experience, you can try the Tim Tam Slam. This is an activity where a person bites the ends of a Tim Tam and uses the cookie as a straw to drink a beverage: a wholesome and customary Tim Tam experience!

Ways To Celebrate Tim Tam Day

Celebrating this day is quite easy: munch down all the contents of a pack in one sitting, or have a Tim Tam Slam! Have a Tim Tam party with friends and post the photos on social media.

If Tim Tams are not manufactured in your area, then go ahead and order them online!

Facts And Stats

Did you know that if a person's name starts with 'T-I -M' or 'T-A-M', then he/she is eligible for a free Tim Tam gift box? These boxes have many Tim Tam packets inside them, so all the Tims and Tams should check out this deal on Tim Tam Day!

A fun fact to know on this Tim Tam Day is that mainly people associate scone with England, apple pie with America, and Tim Tams with Australia.

Matt Grant, the marketing manager of Arnott, contributed to the success of Tim Tams. So celebrate this Tim Tam Day by having Tim Tams with your friends and family.

Australians eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams a year. 

They were named after a horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958, by Ross Arnott.

FAQs About Tim Tam Day

What are some events similar to Tim Tam Day?

National Chocolate Day and National Licorice Day are some similar events.

Who invented the concept of Tim Tam Day?

The concept was developed by Ian Norris.

What is the importance of celebrating Tim Tam Day?

The importance of this day is to relish the yummy Tim Tam biscuit with your loved ones.

What is the motto of Tim Tam Day?

The motto of Tim Tam Day is 'Australia's favorite cookie'.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 16, 2020 Sunday
February 16, 2021 Tuesday
February 16, 2022 Wednesday
February 16, 2023 Thursday
February 16, 2024 Friday

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