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Top Gun Day

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Where is Top Gun Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated all over the United States of America.

Who is Top Gun Day celebrated by?

The day is celebrated by people of the United States who appreciate the movie 'Top Gun' or are big fans of one of the stars that feature in it.

When did Top Gun Day first start?

The first celebrations of Top Gun Day can be traced back to May 16, 1986.

Who started Top Gun Day?

No records show the person or community who started this day, but obviously, the day must have been commemorated by a fan or multiple fans of the movie.

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History And Timeline

The film was released in 1986, starring Tom Skerrit, Kelly Mc Gillis, Tom Cruise (who is Maverick, a naval officer donning a flight suit), and others.


Righteous Brothers' song

The song 'You've lost that loving feeling,' which was revived by 'Top Gun,' was released. The movie resurrected the song of Righteous Brothers 22 years later by publishing it.

May 16, 1986

Film Released Officially

The movie 'Top Gun' was officially released in America.


IMax 3D Release

The movie became extremely popular and got the IMax 3D released in 2013.


The significance of the movie.

National Film Registry claimed it as a culturally, aesthetically, and historically significant movie.

Traditions And Customs

People celebrate this day by watching and discussing the iconic movie with pals and family members. There is quite a rage of celebration on social media as well, where people offer different critiques and opinions about the movie.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Top Gun Day

Don't miss watching and enjoying the movie with friends and family. Share your thoughts and feelings about the movie and related themes on social media using #TopGunDay. You can also play the songs 'Danger Zone,' 'Wait for Me,' and 'Take My Breath Away' to commemorate the occasion.

Facts And Stats

Top Gun Day is a day to commemorate a remarkable action drama movie launched in America in 1986.

The day is inspired by the movie, and the plot of the movie was inspired by an article 'Top Guns' printed in California magazine in the year 1983.

The day honors the technology and techniques that took the project off the ground and made it possible for it to gross over $356 million, making it one of the highest-earning movies of Tom Cruise's illustrious film career.

Various events are organized by the fans of the movie across the US to help fans connect with each other. There are also many virtual events that witness global participation.

FAQs About Top Gun Day

What is Top Gun Day?

Top Gun Day is a day celebrated to honor the movie 'Top Gun' directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson in 1986. Ever since its establishment, the popularity of this day has been increasing.

What does the phrase 'top gun' mean?

The phrase has two meanings: a person who is excellent in a particular field, and it also popularly refers to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Instructor Program (SFTI).

What are some events related to Top Gun Day?

Such events include movie premieres organized to celebrate the day and discussions on the movie, its significance, and its themes. Another day based on a popular film franchise is Star Wars Day.

What is the importance of celebrating Top Gun Day?

The observance stands significant as it honors the movie 'Top Gun' which was directed by Tony Scott in 1986 and has a worldwide fan base.

What are some key facts about Top Gun Day?

Top Gun Day is celebrated to commemorate the movie 'Top Gun' released on May 16, 1986, in America. The film garnered over $356 million within a production budget of just about $15 million. Further, the movie also won the Academy Award for its song 'Taking My Breath Away,' which was executed in the city of Berlin.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 12, 2020 Tuesday
May 12, 2021 Wednesday
May 12, 2022 Thursday
May 12, 2023 Friday
May 12, 2024 Sunday

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