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White Ribbon Day

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Where is White Ribbon Day observed?  

White Ribbon Day is observed all across the world by everyone.

Who is White Ribbon Day observed by?

White Ribbon Day is observed by people who wish to spread awareness about the violence being committed against girls and women. This includes men who oppose this gender-based violence.

When did White Ribbon Day first start?

White Ribbon Day was first started in November 1991.

Who started White Ribbon Day?

Jack Layton is regarded to be the founder of this day, as he also commenced the White Ribbon Campaign.

Australia observes White Ribbon day on November 19 instead of the usual November 25.

History And Timeline

The White Ribbon Day is a day when boys and men are seen wearing white ribbons on their hands to symbolize the opposition to any violence against women and girls. The idea was to spread as much awareness as possible about men giving up their arms, something that a white ribbon symbolizes. This day is actively observed in about 60 countries. Let's go back in time to see how exactly this day came to be and how people have observed it since then.


Murder Of The Mirabal Sisters

Rafael Trujilo brutally assassinated the Mirabal sisters, who were political activists from the Dominican Republic.


Observing Of A Day Against Gender-Based Violence

Women rights activists began observing November 25 as a day to generate awareness about violence being done against any gender.


Massaccare Of Female Students

The White Ribbon Campaign was a result of the unfortunate massacre at Ecole Polytechnique.


Establishment Of White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign was founded in the year 1991 by pro-feminist men in London.


The United Nations Takes An Initiative

The general assembly in the United Nations took a step towards eliminating violence against girls and women in their workplace and home worldwide by adopting resolution 48/104.

Traditions And Customs

There are specific customs or traditions to be followed on this day. It should be noted that many organizations that observe this day work along the lines of gender-based violence prevention, including mentoring and educating young men about gender equality, violence, and domestic abuse prevention. These organizations aim at promoting racial justice, gender equity, and healthy masculinities in society that will nurture safe and healthy relationships and communities.

Men and boys are told to wear a white ribbon to show their opposition to violence against women. This white ribbon generally symbolizes not condoning, not staying silent, and not taking part in any actions that would support violence against women.

Ways To Observe White Ribbon Day

If you want to get involved in the activities of this day, there are plenty of ways that helps to spread awareness of violence against women. The simplest of all is by downloading resources from the White Ribbon Day website, buying t-shirts, ribbons, and other items to support this noble cause.

Men and boys are seen wearing the white ribbon not just on November 23 but also for a week or two later in an effort to highlight the violence against women and their pledge to support in raising awareness about this issue.

Facts And Stats

  • The White Ribbon Day got the date of November 25 to honor the Mirabal sisters. These sisters were political activists who Rafael Trujillo brutally murdered. He was the country's ruler of the Dominican Republic in 1960.
  • Men and boys have formulated the White Ribbon Campaign as a global movement to help end domestic violence, male violence, domestic abuse, and any other type of violence against women that is practiced worldwide.
  • According to a United Nations website, Orange is another color that represents a positive, violence-free future for women.

FAQs About White Ribbon Day

What is the purpose of White Ribbon Day?

This day aims to bring people and other communities together and raise awareness about violence against women. It aims to prevent male violence against women in any place, be it a community, school, or workplace

What is White Ribbon Day?

White Ribbon Day is a day meant to raise awareness about family violence and domestic violence against women.

When is White Ribbon Day?

White Ribbon Day is observed on November 25 every year. In Australia, it is observed on November 19.

What do you wear on a White Ribbon Day?

You wear white ribbons on this day to signify the message of anti-violence against women and also symbolize motherhood in general.

What happens on White Ribbon Day?

On this day, several communities come out and hold events and acts that spread the message of saying 'no' to violence against women.

Who started the White Ribbon Campaign?

Jack Layton is the founder of the white ribbon campaign.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 24, 2020 Tuesday
November 24, 2021 Wednesday
November 24, 2022 Thursday
November 24, 2023 Friday
November 24, 2024 Sunday

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